[Your Irresistible Website Day 1] One Simple Sentence that Will Captivate Your Prospective Clients

Woo-hoo! We’re kicking off Day 1 of your complimentary Irresistible Website mini-course with one of the first and most important steps to turning website visitors into hot leads and paying clients: identifying what makes YOU and your products and services irresistible to your potential clients.

Every one of us brings something unique to the table, and what you have to offer is exactly what your clients are looking for.

Problem is that they don’t always know that, so it’s up to you to clue them in. But you can’t present your clients with an irresistible marketing message until YOU know what makes your goods ah-mazing, so we’ll start with a simple brainstorming technique to help you hone in on what makes you so darn irresistible to your ideal clients.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Okay, so first let’s talk about what we’re talking about. *grin*

Today, we’re going to dive in together to write your Unique Selling Proposition (otherwise known as USP).

Now, your USP is not about being cute or witty. Why? Because oftentimes cute and witty go hand in hand with confusing and turn-offish. In other words, people – your people, the folks you want to pay you good money to deliver quality products and services – won’t always understand the message.

And if they don’t understand it? Well, they surely won’t be lining up to buy, credit cards in hand.

Case in point: FedEx is one of the largest shipping companies in the world. And you know what really put them on the map?

This sentence: “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

Boy, them words are powerful aren’t they?

Especially if you’re someone who is in a bind and absolutely, positively NEEDS to receive (or send) a shipment overnight.

There’s no mistaking what it means. There’s no guesswork. No witty wordplay. (And trust me when I say that I love a witty wordplay as much as the next gal. Probably MORE so, being the word geek that I am. But there’s a time and place for everything, and this ain’t the time OR the place for cute or witty. Yes, I’ll keep repeating it until I’m blue in the face – er, fingers in this case. :))

This message is clear. Concise. To the point.

So. Step #1 is to get rid of this idea that your USP has to be clever, or that it should be prepared to win creativity awards.

Just toss that notion in the trash. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


Okay. Moving on.

So, how do you create your winning USP that has your ideal folks lining up to work with you?

Great question! Let’s do it together.

First and foremost, you want to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. It helps if you’ve been where they are, like if you’re a weight loss coach who was once 20+ pounds overweight and now claim 0% body fat (okay, I know that’s not possible. Or even ideal. Shows you how much I know about weight loss…).

Or a business coach who once declared bankruptcy thanks to a failed business but now clears 6 figures in your sleep.

Whatever. Think for a moment about your ideal client. Think about his/her hopes and dreams. Think about his/her frustrations. Think about what he/she REALLY wants from life/business/love.

Then ask yourself these 3 questions:

1) What does this product/service mean to me (as my ideal client)?
For example, for a Virtual Assistant targeting small biz owners, what does your service really mean to them? It’s not just about the tangible features of getting their phone/emails answered, their taxes filed, their appointments set, etc. How will those actions change their life?

You know they will. Every action you take impacts someone else. But the question is, how?

Will they have more time to spend on client work, marketing to get clients, more time with their families, less stress about getting everything done, more money in their pockets?

If you’re an intuitive healer who helps people get rid of recurring migraines, what do THOSE clients stand to gain?

Relief from pain of course, but let’s dive deeper. How about more time with loved ones that they would have otherwise spent in the dark, sleeping away yet another migraine? And what about all the time away from work they’re missing because of migraines? Missed hours that could mean lost wages. Missed hours that could be threatening their job. What about all the medical bills they’re racking up in doctor visits and medication?

Really think about what those migraines are truly costing them. And what they stand to gain by ridding themselves of their migraines with your help. I know you can’t make guarantees. None of us can. But we CAN paint a picture of what’s possible once people get the help that you can offer them.

Take a few moments to get really clear on all of the transformations they stand to experience. Write them down. Draw a picture. Shout them from the rooftops. Get excited…because the more excited YOU get, the more that excitement will shine through…straight into the souls of your ideal folks.

2) Why should they buy your product/service over anything else they could be buying? Why are you unique?

If you haven’t done so in a while, take a look at other websites, books, etc, in your industry. That other folks who do what you do are putting out there. Not from a place of hate but from a place of introspection. Because what you want to do here is look at what they’re offering and think about how what you do is different.

Maybe all the other relationship coaches follow the same dated method and you’ve come up with a different approach that’s been working wonders for yourself and your clients.

Maybe you just have a unique twist to help them get faster results. For example, when I first started offering my Write Your Website workshop, there were a few other copywriters offering something similar. None (that I knew of) went so far as to offer fill-in-the-blank templates and other shortcuts on top of the training modules. It’s something that drew a lot of clients into my business, and something that I continue to use to set myself apart.

What’s unique and different about your business?

How do those differences stand to benefit your clients?

In the case of my templates, clients were able to save oodles (yes, that is the technical term :)) of time and ease some of the writer’s block that comes with staring at a blank screen and not knowing where to even start writing.

Take a few moments to brainstorm all that’s different and awesome about your business.

3) Why should they buy from you?

Okay. Last but not least. Why should clients buy from YOU? Do you have special expertise? Have you spent $100s or $1000s studying the fine art of underwater basket weaving (to quote a former mentor of mine) and now you’re sharing only the best nuggets of wisdom to save clients the time and expense of their own years-long studies?

Have you walked a mile in their (oh-so-painful) shoes? For instance, maybe you’re a relationship coach who spent 3 years in a bad relationship before finally gaining the courage to leave, and now you’re teaching other women how to identify, avoid, and/or leave bad relationships.

You may think that people don’t care, or that you’re being self-absorbed by going on and on about you. But the truth is that you need to share your story. People want to hear it. People need to hear it. Sometimes if gives them just the motivation they need to move forward. Sometimes it’s the incentive they need to say, “YES! This is the person I want to hire to help me.” Sometimes it’s enough to be a light in the darkness when they thought they were all alone.

Whatever the case, your story is powerful. Your story is unique. There isn’t a single soul out there who’s been exactly where you’ve been, or who can offer the exact blend of experiences and knowledge that you bring to the table.

Tell your story, and you might just find your ideal peeps flocking to it.

Okay, that about wraps up day one of our Irresistible Website training.

But before you go…

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As always, please leave your comments, thoughts or questions below.

Many blessing to you,

_________________________________________________________________________________ Tammi Metzler, founder of The Write Associate, is a self-professed “word geek.” Her greatest joy is in playing with words all day to find just the right combination to get folks all fired up. In the daytime hours, this means writing online marketing copy that grabs the attention and interest of readers so that they “get” the awesomeness of the product/service in question and think “I gotta get me some of that!” After hours this often means finding just the right words to get the response she’s looking for from her husband and/or 7-year-old daughter (grin). She offers tons of resources about creating compelling marketing copy that excites & engages your ideal clients on her blog at www.WriteAssociate.com.


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