Your 7-step Formula for Writing a Winning Email Autoresponder Series

You’ve likely heard that it takes 7 touches, or 7 viewings of a company’s ads or marketing materials, for a customer to actually take out their wallet and buy a product or service.

And yet, companies will put work into creating a killer free report that builds their database with warm leads for their products and services and expect those leads to step forward after that first contact and buy your service packages or products.

The reality is that, in most cases, you need to work those leads up to the buying point, especially if you sell high-ticket products and services, as many of you reading this article do.

The beauty is that if you’re already using your website to generate leads, you can use a simple email management program to automatically send new subscribers of your newsletter list follow-up emails (otherwise known as autoresponder emails) that keep them engaged in the buying process with your company. So that when they ARE ready to buy, it’s you they come to – NOT one of your competitors.

Successful online marketers use a series of 3-7 autoresponder emails to keep new subscribers engaged. The first email should go out immediately and contain a link to the report, with a reminder (and perhaps an incentive) to read it. (Because although you’ve jumped the first hurdle in getting your prospective client to subscribe to your offer, there’s no guarantee they’ll actually read the free report you took such care to write.)

So, here’s the 7-step formula for keeping new subscribers engaged (and more likely to buy!):

Send new subscribers 7 email autoresponders to hook their interest and keep them engaged!

Here’s how it might look for your business:

Email 1: Welcome, with a link to the download

Email 2: Share a tip related to the product/service you wish to promote (how to use, best practices, etc.)

Email 3: Send a reminder email to read the free report and perhaps claim a limited-time offer

Email 4: Give a specific piece of advice to help them solve one problem related to your products/services

Email 5: Final reminder to read the report and claim the special offer

Email 6: Send a little-known statistic or quote related to your product/service (especially related to how it might be useful for readers)

Email 7: Invite readers to schedule a get-acquainted phone call with you to move your relationship into the “client” stage

Not sure what to write in these emails?

Here at The Write Associate, we help marketers brainstorm effective email autoresponder strategies, as well as providing copywriting services for effective email autoresponder series. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you create a winning email autoresponder series to keep your newsletter subscribers engaged, the next step would be to set up a no-cost consultation to discuss whether these services would be a good fit for your needs. If you’re interested, please email our support team at


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