How to Write Sales Pages that Sell Your Goods Like Hotcakes

Have you ever seen a sales page that really spoke to you? That made you think, “Holy cow…this person is talking to ME! I’ve just gotta buy this product/program/service!”

I’m raising my hand, cuz I’ve definitely been there, done that.

And if you’ve been there too (‘specially if you’ve bought anything from said sales pages), then you’ve experienced firsthand copywriting at its finest.

Copy that draws readers in and sings to their very souls.

Copy that persuades readers to let go of their own inner indecisions and doubts and embrace the solution they want and need.

Copy that, ultimately, sells products, programs, and services like hotcakes.

The good news is that there’s a simple trick that master copywriters (you know, those of us who sell loads of products and services with a single sales pages :)) use when writing winning sales pages. Actually, we do this before we write a single word on the sales page itself. It’s a simple exercise that not only gets you in the write (haha) frame of mind for writing but also helps you to write better copy.

Copy that sells YOUR products, programs and services like hotcakes.

Excited yet? You should be. This stuff is stinkin’ awesome. 🙂

So let’s dive right in and talk about…

How to Write Sales Pages that Sell Your Stuff like Hotcakes

Okay, so as I mentioned before, this exercise is simple. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Actually, it takes a little elbow grease (literally!), but the payoff is SO worth a little temporary achiness in the joints.

There are three steps to getting it done.

Step One: Start by finding a sales page that calls to you. One that draws you in, that has your finger itching to click that “Buy Now” button.

If you spend any amount of time online and/or have ever made a purchase online, this shouldn’t be hard to do. Just mosey on over to the sales page of a product you purchased recently, or of one that you wanted to buy but didn’t for some reason (you were out of town and missed the promos, you didn’t have the money, etc. etc.). The importance here is to find one that truly triggers an emotional response in you.

Step Two: Once you have the sales page that trips your trigger in your hot little hands (or on your hot little computer, I should say :)), grab a piece of paper and settle in somewhere comfy.

Cuz you gota a lotta writin’ to do, Lucy… (No? Okay, moving on…)

For this step, I want you to copy that sales letter onto your paper, word for word. Actually write it, by hand, with an old-school pen/pencil. No cheating here by using your computer or a typewriter (if anyone has any of those lying around these days).

There’s something about the physical act of writing that really cements knowledge into our brains. I don’t get how it works but it does. So don’t question, and don’t cheat. You’ll thank me later (even if your hands don’t).

When you’re done, take a moment or two to admire your handiwork.

Then take out a fresh sheet of paper and write it again.

And one more time, for good measure.

Yep, that’s right, I want you to write that sales page THREE stinking times. All 10 or 12 or 25 pages of it, word for word.

When you’re done, take a deep breath, stretch out your hands, and pat yourself on the back.

You’ve made it through the tough part, my friend.

The rest is smooth sailing, I promise!

Step Three: Up next, you want to pull out one copy of the complete sales page you’ve written and study it. Really dive in here, because what we’re trying to do is get to the heart of the sales page. See what makes it tick. Cuz once you get that, you can get into the zone yourself, and begin to duplicate that sense of “gotta-have-it” that all the great sales pages possess.

Here are a few tips to help you hone in on the magic:

Ask yourself which part(s) really hit home. (Ie. Did the part where the author told his/her story of transformation resonate so deeply that you felt like he/she really gets you? Or maybe the description on what you’ll get when you buy the product set your soul to tingling? Or something else entirely?)

Take some time to just read the words and let them speak to you.

Highlight and/or star anything that jumped out at you, that caused an emotional pulse or even made you pause for a moment.
Then think about how you can incorporate that same pizzazz into your own sales pages.

Only then – when you can really feel the emotion behind awesome sales pages – can you hope to write your own winning sales page.

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