Write Irresistible Articles

5 Steps to Client-Attracting Articles: Discover How to Write Compelling Articles for Your Newsletter or Blog that Grab the Attention of Potential Clients and Help You Build Interest, Trust, and Desire for Your Products and Services!

Find out how article marketing – a.k.a. writing irresistible articles for your newsletter and/or blog – can help you join the ranks of superstar marketers who are spending one hour per week (or less!) writing articles that will help you gain exposure, connect with interested clients, and grow your business. Join me to discover:

  • What you must do FIRST before you even think about sending out newsletter articles
  • The simple yet powerful 5-step blueprint for articles that not only position you as an expert but that get readers primed – and eager! – for your paid solutions
  • 3 profit-killing article publishing mistakes most business owners make (and how to avoid them)
  • One simple technique to skyrocket your newsletter open rate
  • How writing irresistible articles can actually help you ditch cold calling for good (and have your ideal peeps chasing YOU down instead!)

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