The #1 Key to a Successful Sales Page for Your Book, Program, or Product

Whether you have a group program, an ebook, other information product, or a service package that you want to sell online, there’s a process you mustThe #1 Key to a Successful Sales Page follow if you want to create a sales page that actually works to sell your products/services.

The fact of the matter is that there are many coaches and other solopreneurs out there busting their tails to break into their own streams of passive/leveraged income, but it’s just not happening for them.

There’s a big reason behind it. A missing component that will almost guarantee massive failure.

And that missing component is…a conversation with your customer.

Because here’s the thing. Most of us naturally write from our own perspective, having been there, done that. We know what it takes to get the results our clients seek, and since we want them to see us as an expert we have to act accordingly, right? Or, at the very least, we should act and speak as professionals so that people will see that we know our stuff.

And through it all, we end up talking AT our readers instead of talking TO our readers. We go on about what WE want readers to do, about what SHOULD matter to them, instead of taking the time to engage them in a conversation (and yes, you can begin that conversation even when you’re nowhere to be found; that’s the beauty of a well-written sales page :)).

So how do you go about creating a conversation with your customer on your sales page?

There are a few ways you can go about this, such as:

1) Personify your customer. And by that I mean, give your ideal client a name, and a personality, and a face if possible. So maybe if you are a business coach who works specifically with women entrepreneurs running home-based businesses with young children in tow, your ideal client might be Work-At-Home Wendy. She’s passionate about her work but not willing to give up her family life to put in 60 hours at the office. She doesn’t have a lot of spare time, so she’s looking for to-the-point information and specific advice to solve her challenges. When you know these things about your clients, you can customize your sales copy so that it feels like you’re sitting there one-on-one, talking with that one client. She’ll feel like you get her, and will be all the more willing to move into a business relationship with her.

2) Pretend that you’re writing to a friend. Imagine that you mentioned to a friend that you were hosting this new training course, or publishing an ebook, and she asked you what it was about. Naturally, since it’s a subject you love to talk about, you launch into a conversation about how this ebook is going to help work-at-home moms across the world to find that elusive work-life balance, so they can find success in their career and still have time to take their kids to the park or out for ice cream. She can tell this subject really gets you pumped and asks what makes you so passionate about it. You talk about how hard things were when you started as a work-at-home mom, putting in 60+ hours in an effort to “keep up with the Joneses” and feeling overwhelming guilt for not spending more time with the family.

3) Speak your words out loud to an “audience.” Nope, doesn’t have to be a real audience; just pretend that you’re standing in front of a group of potential clients while you read your sales letter. Sounds a bit awkward, I know, but it works. ¬†And it’s an important step. Here’s why: first, you want to be sure that your letter flows well. Do the pieces fit well together? Does it sound good? Second, you want to be sure you didn’t miss something. When we’re skimming back over something we wrote, our subconscious mind does a funny thing. Because we know what we meant to write, our powerful brains fill in the blanks for us. So we think we see words/letters that aren’t really there, because we know we meant to include them! Crazy, isn’t it? But when you read the words out loud, you’re more likely to catch those errors. (I recently skipped this step during a busy product launch and found later that my sales page was missing an entire sentence – oops! Talk about disrupting the flow. :)) And last but not least, if you pretend you’re addressing an audience of potential clients, you can do a “gut check” to make sure that your message is authentic. ‘Cuz if it’s not, you’ll feel the sleaze factor¬† – and if you can feel it, you know your customers can feel it (yuck!).

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