Will 2010 be a success or a flop for your business?

Many people are taking it easy during this last week of the year, which is certainly understandable; what better way to wrap up what has been, for many people, a challenging and stressful year than to spend some quality time with loved ones? On the other hand, you’d be wise to take advantage of some of the holiday downtime to develop a game plan for a solid start to 2010. While other business owners are still trying to get their bearings after the holidays, you can hit the ground running, getting a jump start on the competition. Following are a few tips to help you kick off the new year with a bang.

Create a marketing plan

Don’t get overwhelmed by this step; marketing plans are much simpler than they seem. Check out my recent post, “Create an Internet Marketing Plan That Will Help You Get More Clients With Less Effort,” for help getting started with your own internet marketing plan. For more in-depth information that walks you through the entire process of creating a client-attracting internet marketing plan, please check out our downloadable teleseminar and corresponding worksheets, “Get Clients With Less Effort: The Busy Entrepreneur’s Step-by-Step Guide to a Client-Attracting Internet Marketing Plan.”

Learn from the pros

You can also join me on a complimentary call with marketing superstars Ali Brown and Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero called “Your 11 Best No-Cost to Low-Cost Marketing & Business Strategies for 2010.” Click here to learn more or reserve your space. This call happens on Wednesday, January 6th so while you won’t get the strategies before the new year begins, it can still get you a jump start on growing your business in 2010.

A few other ideas that can help you kick-start a fabulous new year:

New Year Eve

Happy New Year!

PS: What will you be doing to ensure your biz has a successful 2010?

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