We’ve got a new look!

Welcome to the new home of The Write Associate! After nearly two years of a stale web presence, we finally placed our web design in the very capable hands of Darlene Victoria Gonzalez of True Harmony. And now, we’ve teamed up with True Harmony so you too can get great web design and oustanding web copy at affordable rates! Introducing our brand-spanking-new all-inclusive WordPress web design and copywriting packages, designed with self-employed service professionals (and their budgets!) in mind.

We have some other exciting new plans in the works, like a brand new monthly teleseminar series that is totally and completely free for any interested listeners and will cover topics that will help service professionals launch and promote client-attracting websites.

We’ve got lots of fun plans in the works to help service professionals get more clients online, so please check back often! And if you haven’t done so yet, enter your first name and primary email address in the form to your left and get your free report, “Top 10 Tips for Writing Client-Attracting Web Copy.” You’ll also get a free subscription to our e-zine, “Copywriting to Get Clients.” Basically, you get $124 worth of free stuff, just for entering your first name and email address in the form to your left. Plus, you’ll also get updates on our free teleseminars, so you can decide which of them you want to attend (all of them, I hope! :)). Hope to chat with you soon!


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