Wednesday Word of the Day: Supercharge

Welcome to a brand-new blog segment I’m calling the Wednesday Word of the Day. In this weekly segment, I’ll share another Power Word from my copywriter toolbox that you can use to jazz up your marketing copy. Today’s word of the day is…


Try using “supercharge” in place of more so-so alternatives like “increase.” Using the word “supercharge” not only gives your phrase some extra oomph but also makes it seem like less work for readers.

‘Cuz let’s face it, we as human beings are hardwired to seek out the path of least resistance, which means that taking the easy route is in our nature. That’s why you see advertisers promoting things like the “Easy button” (hello, Staples). The bottom line is that your potential clients are busy, and they want – no, make that need – shortcuts. If your product or service gives your clients a boost and makes their lives easier, or makes it easier for them to achieve specific goals, then by all means your marketing copy should let readers know that!

Want an example?

“Increase your return on investment” is fine and dandy but it just feels like they’re gonna have to work hard for that extra moolah.

“Supercharge your return on investment,” on the other hand, brings to mind a vision of simply plugging into the solution, sort of like how we would plug a cell phone in and get a battery boost without further effort on our part. This type of wording would be great if you have certain techniques that people can use to make their existing efforts more effective.

Other examples include:

“Supercharge your love life with this one simple technique…”

“Supercharge your bank account with these little-known sales secrets…”

“Supercharge your weight loss by adding this one food item you probably already have in your cupboard…”

How can you supercharge your marketing copy by incorporating this powerful word? Jot your thoughts in the comments section below!


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