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If you’ve ever dreamed of running a wildly successful business that supplies you with an endless flow of freedom, flexibility, fulfillment, and financial abundance, then this will be the most exciting web page you’ve ever read.

Why? Because I’m about to show you how you can get instant access to a secret weapon that can turn your business around from struggling to thriving within a few mere weeks or months.

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Tammi Metzler

Hi there! My name is Tammi Metzler, and I help coaches, consultants, virtual assistants, and other solopreneurs create effective websites that consistently attract their ideal clients to their marketing pipeline.

There’s a lot of info out there about getting clients, and it can be easy for anyone – from new entrepreneurs to veteran biz owners alike – to start feeling a bit lost, frustrated, and overwhelmed.

Are business struggles planting seeds of doubt in your mind?

Have you tried every method in the book to get clients, but they’re just not flocking to your door? Are you sick and tired of relentlessly chasing down leads and prospects with no results? It’s enough to leave you wondering if it’s time to throw in the towel and go back to (or stay in) the 9-to-5 world.

Fortunately, there is good news…while the signs above indicate that your marketing message is on the fritz, a few simple, easy-to-implement fixes could be all that are standing between you and amazing business success.

Your ticket to creating the business of your dreams

As a professional copywriter trained in the art of persuasion, my job is not to just help you sell your products and services. No, my job is to use the written word to connect you with people who desperately need your help…but just may not be quite sure that you’re the solution to their burning problems.

But when the marketing message is tweaked just enough to hit your prospective clients’ sweet spots….they’ll be lining up to fork over their hard-earned cash in exchange for just a few minutes of your time.

Identifying the hidden fortunes in your business

Every business has the potential for astonishing success, but most business owners have no idea how to tap into that potential. The majority of entrepreneurs are stumbling through life, slowly draining themselves with hour after hour of hard work in exchange for just barely enough profit to eke out a living.

Fortunately, you have the opportunity to put yourself first one step, and then leaps and bounds, ahead of your competition, just by filling out the simple form below and claiming your 30-minute session with a seasoned copywriter/marketing pro (that’s me :)) to get you on track to the success you desire and deserve.

During this in-depth success session, areas of discussion we will vary based on your current struggles, but some topics we might cover include:

  • Headline suggestions for your website’s home page…that will grab the attention of your target market and leave them wanting more!
  • Step-by-step guidance to draw the main benefits of your products/services right out of you…so you can show website visitors exactly why they should be working with you (they’ll be dying to get started now!)
  • Brainstorming of an irresistible call-to-action that will draw potential clients to you like bees to honey
  • Ideas on making your other web pages more client-attractive (including one tip for your About Us page that can save you time and help you land more clients)
  • The creation of a step-by-step action plan to help you drastically increase your income – without increasing your workload!
  • Marketing tips and techniques that are customized to your unique business needs – so you can stop wasting time and energy wondering if this will work for you, and just start putting the client-attracting pieces in place!


avatar“Before working with Tammi, the content on my site was lackluster at best, and I knew that what I was trying to say was not getting across to those who visited my site. After working with Tammi, though, that all changed. The quality of the content on my website has improved 10-fold. Because of that…I now retain more visitors and have brought in several casual readers as new clients.

The quality of Tammi’s work is impeccable. She knows how to ask the right questions and in turn puts together a great piece of copy that expresses exactly what you want it to say…even if you’re not sure what you want to say! She came highly recommended to me, and I have in turn referred her copywriting services to several of my clients.

If you want great web copy that helps you get clients, I suggest you work with Tammi!”

Shannon Kuykendall
At Your Request VA

WOW – The web copy you wrote for my site is awesome! I wanted to buy my own product!! Thanks for all your positive thoughts and suggestions to help me get better results from my website. I will continue to recommend your services to friends and colleagues!”

Ann Tillage
The Sharmooz
avatarTammi has been instrumental in helping me narrow my focus and speak directly to my specific niche (women entrepreneurs) about time management and eliminating overwhelm. She provided value information during our Website Makeover Strategy Session and assisted me in creating a compelling headlines for my website. I’m happy with the message my website communicates and even happier that I made the decision to work with Tammi!

Thanks for everything! Wishing you continued business success.

LaNier Turner-Frazier
EmpowHERment Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

LaNier Turner-Frasier
EmpowHERment Enterprises
avatarThank you soooo much!

I just had to write and tell you that I used your copy suggestions on my new home page. It has been up almost 1 week now, but what a week it has been. It is raining clients here! I'm not kidding! I got 6 potential clients in this week alone. The home page I set up by following your template is what drew them in!

You totally rock Tammi!

Serita Diana
List 2 Close Real Estate Assistant

Plus, get two bonuses absolutely


BONUS #1: You’ll get a copy of my no-longer-available special report, “Top 10 Tips For Writing Web Copy That Will Sell Your Services!” You can’t get a copy of this report anywhere else, and in it you’ll learn:

  • Which words to use to get readers to take action…and which words to avoid like the plague (these simple but often-used no-nos can make all of your marketing efforts completely worthless!)
  • How to use emphasis the right way (Hint: too much can desensitize your readers, not enough can leave your page blah and lifeless, and using emphasis on the wrong words can leave the wrong impression on readers)
  • How to get people to act fastwithout resorting to the sleazy selling techniques of a used-car salesman!
  • How to play into readers’ busy lifestyles – and play into their overwhelming urge for instant gratification

BONUS #2: A FREE critique with me that can be used anytime after the call!

So, once you put my step-by-step instructions in place, you don’t have to wonder whether you got it right or missed something. Just send me your completed web page, and I will send back a written critique so you can rest assured that you’re on the right track. This critique alone is worth $97, but you can get it absolutely free just for requesting your Website Makeover.

So, to recap, in this Website Makeover Session, you will get:

1 30 minutes of one-on-one guidance that gives you all of the necessary components for putting together website copy that draws potential clients to you…just plug these tidbits into your website and start seeing results right away! ($147 value)
My special report, “Top 10 Tips for Writing Web Copy That Will Sell Your Services!” ($24 value)
A written critique of the web page you create based on our session ($97 value)

You’ll walk away with $268 worth of client-attracting products and services for just a fraction of that price if you act now. And now, the million-dollar question…

What’s the investment involved with this package?

Before we talk price, I want you to consider what just one new client would mean to your bottom line. An extra $100 upfront for a one-time project? Maybe $300 in recurring income each month? Perhaps even more!


The point here is that you can choose to keep spinning your wheels, spending hours of time and effort trying to figure out “this marketing thing” and not getting results, or you can claim your customized, one-on-one Website Makeover Session, the complimentary report, and the customized critique for the low rate of just $147.

Please note that because you’re claiming one-on-one time with me, and I only have so many hours in the day :), spaces are limited and available on a first come, first served basis.

So if you’re ready to uncover the secrets that can propel your business forward, I urge you to claim your evaluation quickly. I only have time to offer 4 sessions each week, so hesitation could land you on a waiting list several weeks/months long. And because just one fresh idea could mean the difference between glaring success and overwhelming doom for your business, act now to claim your session today!

If this sounds like you:

• YES, I want to flood my business with raving customers who will demand to buy my products and services, time and time again!
• YES, I want to snag immediate results from my marketing efforts!
• YES, I want to double or possibly even triple the return on my marketing investment!
• YES, I want to instantly convert scores of website visitors from “just surfing, thanks” to “here’s my credit card, where do I pay?”
• YES, I want to eliminate cash flow concerns from my business…for good!

…Then get started toward a brighter future today by clicking the Order Now button below.



If, after our ses9sion, you don’t feel like you’ve gotten enough input to truly get results in your business, I’ll gladly refund every penny of your fee.

I’ll admit, my generous money-back guarantee is a bit selfish…if my customers walk away unhappy, they’re either going to spread negative feedback or say nothing at all about my services…neither of which is desirable on my end. Which is why if you’re not happy with what you discover from my Website Makeover I don’t expect …nor do I even want, if we’re being completely honest … to keep your money. So if the Website Makeover isn’t everything you expected, just simply shoot off an email to me within 30 days of our discussion, and I’ll gladly refund your money in full.

With this guarantee, you truly can’t lose! I’ll put my money where my mouth is and refund every penny if you don’t love what you get.

Go ahead and get started now for just $147!


As soon as I receive your request, a representative from my office will schedule your Website Makeover – so we can work together to discover what’s working with your current website copy and what could use a few adjustments to skyrocket your response rate.

Side note: This opportunity isn’t for everyone, however. While you’ll walk away with plenty of tips and techniques that you can instantly apply to your website and marketing efforts, you will still need to do the work to put the pieces in place. Entrepreneurs who aren’t serious about doing what it takes to experience raging success in their business need not apply.

If you’re ready to take action toward the business and lifestyle of your dreams, let’s chat! Click the button below to reserve you Website Makeover today!


To your marketing success,

Tammi Metzler
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P.S. – If you’re ready to take your business from struggling to thriving with absolutely no risk on your part, now’s the time to act! Let’s get to work transforming your business into one of abundance and success!