Website Makeover Action Plan

Give me 45 minutes and I’ll reveal at least 3 “quick fixes” to make your home page copy juicier, more enticing, and better able to draw in dozens, 100s, even 1000s of hot leads and paying clients!

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Tammi Metzler
The Write Associate
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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

If you have an existing website that either a) isn’t working as well as you’d hoped to build your list with interested prospects and/or attract paying clients or b) you’re too embarrassed to send people to, chances are you’re just missing one or two key tweaks that can completely turn things around. So that you have a website that you’re not only proud to share with friends, family, and prospects but that draws in your ideal clients like bees to honey. The tweaks could including transforming a ho-hum free giveaway title so that it entices more website visitors to sign up for your freebie and join your newsletter list. Could be adding an eye-catching headline on your website’s home page that works harder to attract the attention of your (very busy) website visitors (a.k.a. potential clients).

Whatever the case, you too can join the successful marketers who are using their websites to attract leads and connect with clients. This is your chance to answer such common questions as…

  • “How do I write about what I do on my website in a way that gets website visitors excited to say YES to my offerings?”
  • “How can I transfer my passion, enthusiasm, and unique personality into my written marketing so it really sizzles?”
  • “What should I write about in my web copy to inspire visitors to join my newsletter list, request a consultation, and/or buy my products and services?”
  • “What steps should I focus on first, next, and last to build a more effective, profitable website?”

The results you can get with just a few tweaks to the current copy on your website is unbelievable. In fact, one of my newsletter subscribers followed the fill-in-the-blanks website copy template provided in my Instant Web Copy program and within one week of publishing her new website copy, she was literally flooded with requests from prospective clients! Here’s the email she sent to us:

“It’s raining clients – 6 inquiries from website visitors just this week!”

Serita_DianaI just had to write and tell you that I used your home page template that you walked us through in your copywriting book. It has been up almost 1 week now, but what a week it has been. It is raining clients here! I’m not kidding! I got 6 potential clients in this week alone. I know it’s other updates I did as well, but the home page I set up by following your template is what drew them in!

You totally rock Tammi!”

Serita Diana
Real Estate Virtual Assistant, Owner of List 2 Close Assistant
My Virtual Assistant Service

And if she got such great – and QUICK – results from a fill-in-the-blanks template, imagine what might happen if you can get a customized Website Makeover Action Plan just for your business.

During this 45-minute success session, areas of discussion we will vary based on your current needs, but some topics we might cover include:

  • Headline suggestions for your website’s home page that will grab the attention of your target market (and leave them wanting more!)
  • Step-by-step guidance to draw the main benefits of your products/services right out of you…so you can show website visitors exactly why they should be working with you (they’ll be dying to get started now!)
  • Brainstorming irresistible calls-to-action for your different web pages that will draw potential clients to you like bees to honey
  • The creation of a step-by-step, bite-sized action plan to help you makeover your website so that it draws more clients into your business (without overloading your already stretched schedule!)
  • A discussion of up to 3 changes you can make to your website today to begin immediately attracting more leads and paying clients
  • Marketing tips and techniques that are customized to your unique business needs – so you can stop wasting time and energy wondering if this will work for you, and just start putting the client-attracting pieces in place


“I was pleasantly surprised by how much we covered in just 1 hour – and it gave me the confidence to move forward with my marketing!”

Erika_Kalmar“I scheduled one session with Tammi and to my greatest surprise our limited time still allowed us to cover many things – brainstorming on my new program’s name, bonus components and how my free preview call would tie to my program. More than that, this single session showed me that I am going in the right direction and gave me lots of confidence. I can’t believe that I was hesitating that long to get this consultation call, thinking that 1 hour would not be enough and now I look at all the results I gained just out of this one consultation call! Thank you Tammi!”

Erika Kalmar
Owner, The Coaching Biz Start-Up Strategist

I’ve learned a lot about results-oriented copywriting over the years, and I want to put these hidden gems of marketing magic to work in your business. I’m just too dang excited to keep it to myself…I feel compelled to share it with other entrepreneurs. The truth is, this is crazy exciting stuff for me, and I get a huge thrill out of helping other business owners find massive success in their businesses.

The bottom line is that you are just a few clicks away from the steady flow of inside information that has helped countless other entrepreneurs just like you to use their website to attract more leads and clients, so you too can tap into the hidden profit potential in your website.

Plus, get two bonuses absolutely free.

BONUS #1: You’ll get a copy of my no-longer-available special report, “Top 10 Tips For Writing Web Copy That Will Sell Your Services!” You can’t get a copy of this report anywhere else, and in it you’ll learn:

  • Which words to use to get readers to take action…and which words to avoid like the plague (these simple but often-used no-nos can make all of your marketing efforts completely worthless!)
  • How to use emphasis the right way (Hint: too much can desensitize your readers, not enough can leave your page blah and lifeless, and using emphasis on the wrong words can leave the wrong impression on readers)
  • How to get people to act fastwithout resorting to the sleazy selling techniques of a used-car salesman!
  • How to play into readers’ busy lifestyles – and play into their overwhelming urge for instant gratification

BONUS #2: A web copy critique with me that can be used anytime after the call!

Once you put my step-by-step instructions in place, you don’t have to wonder whether you got it right or missed something. Just send me one completed web page (often, this will be your all-important Home page), and I will send back a written critique so you can rest assured that you’re on the right track. This critique alone is worth $197, but you can get it absolutely free just for requesting your Website Makeover today.

So, to recap, in this Website Makeover Session, you will get:


45 minutes of one-on-one guidance that reveals the necessary components for putting together a website that draws potential clients to you…just plug these tidbits into your website and start seeing results right away! ($197 value)

My special report, “Top 10 Tips for Writing Web Copy That Will Sell Your Services!” ($27 value)

A written critique of one web page you create based on our session and your 2nd bonus gift ($197 value)

You’ll walk away with $421 worth of client-attracting products and services for just a fraction of that price if you act now. And now, the million-dollar question…

What’s the investment involved with this package?

Before we talk price, I want you to consider what just one new client coming in through your website would mean to your bottom line. Maybe $300-$500 in recurring income each month? Perhaps even $1000s in lifetime profits?

The point here is that you can choose to keep spinning your wheels, spending hours of time and effort trying to figure out “this marketing thing” and not getting results, or you can claim your customized, one-on-one Website Makeover Action Plan Session, the complimentary report, and the customized critique for the low rate of just $197.

So if you’re ready to uncover the secrets that can propel your business forward, I urge you to claim your Website Makeover Action Plan quickly. Because just one fresh idea could mean the difference between a rush of interested clients and getting passed over by the folks who need your help but don’t “get” how you can serve them, I encourage you to claim your session today and let’s makeover your website!


As soon as we receive your request, a representative from my office will schedule your Website Makeover – so we can work together to discover what’s working with your current website copy and what could use a few adjustments to skyrocket your response rate.

If you’re ready to take action toward creating a website that not only sounds great but that draws in your ideal clients, let’s chat! Just click the button below to reserve you Website Makeover today.


To your marketing success,

Tammi Metzler
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P.S. – If you’re ready to start putting your website to work for your business, now’s the time to act! Let’s get to work uncovering the hidden profits in your website so you too can attract more leads for your newsletter list and clients for your service packages!