Web Copy

Do any of the statements below ring a bell for you? (Go ahead: check all that apply!)
I can almost SEE your head nodding in agreement! And I want to take a moment to walk you through a scenario that could be happening in your business as we speak.

Picture this:

A website visitor lands on your home page. She’s your ideal client, to the tee. You’d LOVE to work with her, and she’d love to work with you…if only she understood what you do and why she needs it. But your web copy doesn’t do its job of ‘splaining the awesomeness of your products and services, so she spends a few seconds clicking around your site, doesn’t find what she needs, and then clicks away, never to be seen again. It happens all the time, every day, in businesses just like yours across the world. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Imagine this scenario instead: Your ideal client follows a link to your home page. She’s immediately captivated by a compelling headline that describes exactly what she wants or needs. She keeps reading, into the body of your copy, and is excited to see that you’re talking to her. You GET her, and finally, she’s found a solution to that problem that has been plaguing her day and night! Instead of clicking away unnoticed, she calls you to request a consultation. Or she signs up for your mailing list. Maybe she buys one of your products right there on your website. Whatever the case, she’s thrilled to have found you and can hardly wait to begin working with you.

And here’s the really exciting part…

The only thing that’s changed from Scenario A to Scenario B is the wording on the website, the way the marketing message was communicated to the potential client. Your products and services are identical in either Scenario, but in the second one she gets it. And she’s whipping out her credit card, ready to buy now.

The truth is that most business owners who’ve published a website and launched their business into the wonderful world of online marketing find themselves in one of several situations:

A) Their website that isn’t working as well as they’d hoped to build their list with interested prospects and/or attract paying clients;

B) Their website doesn’t live up to their high expectations, and as a result they’re flat-out embarrassed to send people to their home on the web; or

C) Their website serves as a useful tool to connect them with the clients who want and NEED what they have to offer, working behind-the-scenes 24/7 to help grow their business.

If you find yourself identifying more with the first or second camp, you’re not alone!

But the good news is that you’re most likely just missing one or two key tweaks that can completely turn things around so that you have a website that you’re not only proud to share with friends, family, and prospects but that draws your ideal clients into your business like bees to honey. The tweaks could including transforming a ho-hum free giveaway title so that it entices more website visitors to sign up for your freebie and join your newsletter list. Could be adding an eye-catching headline on your website’s home page that works harder to attract the attention of your (very busy) website visitors (a.k.a. potential clients).

Whatever the case, you too can join the successful marketers who are using their websites to attract leads and connect with clients. Plus, get answers to such common questions as…

“How do I write about what I do on my website in a way that gets website visitors excited to say YES to my offerings?”

“How can I transfer my passion, enthusiasm, and unique personality into my web copy so it really sizzles?”

“What on earth should I write about in my web copy to inspire visitors to join my newsletter list, request a consultation, and/or buy my products and services?”

“What steps should I focus on first, next, and last to build a more enticing, effective website?”

The results you can get with just a few tweaks to the current copy on your website is unbelievable. In fact, one of my clients followed the fill-in-the-blanks website copy template provided in my Instant Web Copy program and within one week of publishing her new website copy, she was literally flooded with requests from prospective clients! Here’s the email she sent to us:

“It’s raining clients – 6 inquiries from website visitors just this week!” Serita_DianaI just had to write and tell you that I used your home page template that you walked us through in your copywriting book. It has been up almost 1 week now, but what a week it has been. It is raining clients here! I’m not kidding! I got 6 potential clients in this week alone. I know it’s other updates I did as well, but the home page I set up by following your template is what drew them in! You totally rock Tammi! Serita Diana Real Estate Virtual Assistant, Owner of List 2 Close Assistant My Virtual Assistant Service http://list2closeassistant.com

Your web copy (a.k.a. the words on your website that describe what you do and why they should listen to you) needs to not only grab attention but pique the interest of the right folks – those peeps you love working with. In fact, when done right, web copy can have a tremendous affect on your business.

I’ve seen amazing results, both in my own business and those of my private clients, including the following:

39 consultations scheduled with interested prospects, in just one week’s time, all from just one web page and a few short promos to help drive traffic back to the page

6 new long-term, high-value clients within one week of publishing strategic web copy

• A 600% increase in product sales just in the first 10 days, and all from a few tweaks to the website’s home page copy

Thousands of new newsletter subscribers – and potential clients – joining my newsletter list in just 3 weeks’ time, thanks to an irresistible opt-in page as my website’s home page

And now you too can have compelling web copy that feels like you AND draws your ideal clients into your business faster and easier than you ever thought possible! Our unique approach combines fill-in-the-blanks templates, one-on-one consulting, and line-by-line copy critiques to help you draw out the exact message that’s going to connect with more clients via your website. There are three options to working together to get your compelling web copy written fast and well:


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