Ultimate passive income challenge: Pre-release finishing touches (on a shoestring budget)

Whew…the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity in my neck of the woods! My apologies for not posting earlier – I’ve been focused almost entirely on client work and – of course – creating my passive income product. 🙂 But I’m back now and ready to put the finishing touches on my product so I can release it to all of the coaches, consultants, VAs, and other soloproneurs who will be able to use it to create profitable websites, build thriving communities of hot prospects, and overall get better results in their businesses. (On a side note, if you want an intro to this subject, I’m hosting a free teleseminar on April 6th – click here to learn more.)

Anyway, back to the passive income creation challenge. Once you get down to the wire – and have almost finished your product – it’s time start looking into the finishing touches, which include:

~ Cover design
~ Sales page design/copywriting
~ Shopping cart system
~ Product editing/polishing

    Each of these alone can get pricey if you outsource the work to professionals – the preferred method if you want to give a great first impression to buyers – unless, of course, you can barter your services with other pros. Right now, it seems that the majority small biz owners have overloaded to-do lists, yet the shaky economy has left many tightening their purse strings – leaving little left in the budget for hiring help.

    If you have something to offer – time-saving services, a group coaching program, even a desirable product – that can be given to other professionals in return for their expertise, you might find yourself in a position to form a mutually-beneficial relationship with others who have the skills you need to create an outstanding passive income product. Hey, if you find that your services are complimentary to another pro’s, you might even form a profitable JV partnership – and/or a lasting friendship – as well! 🙂

    To find other professionals, take a look at your existing networks. For example, flip through your Twitter friends. Do you see a graphic designer? A copywriter? A VA with shopping cart experience? First, decide what you might be able to offer in exchange for what you’re looking for, and then contact them to gauge their interest. If they’re too busy or just not interested in bartering, no worries – move on to the next.

    On the other hand, if you do have a budget ready for this task but aren’t sure where to find quality assistance, try asking colleagues who have released their own passive income products who they worked with. Or feel free to give me a shout – I (or one of my highly-talented JV partners) offer all of the above services and would be happy to jump on the phone with you to discuss your project and whether we’d be a good fit for your needs.

    Until next week – keep moving forward on your passive income product, and eventually you’ll be raking in the sales! 🙂

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