Top 3 Ways to End “What Do I Do Next?” Marketing Confusion

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Ever been a victim of the aptly-named “bright shiny object syndrome”? I know I have. And it can be hard – no, make that impossible – to lead your mission (and live your life as it should be) when you’re constantly being pulled in 5 different directions by all of the “should do” marketing advice out there.

You keep jumping back and forth between the leading edge techniques that are guaranteed to skyrocket you to 6 figures and beyond…and by the end of the day your head is spinning and you’re flat-out exhausted…too exhausted, in fact, to really help the people you’re meant to help.  It’s a vicious cycle, no? You’re so busy trying to find clients that there’s nothing left of you to serve them!

If you’re ready to jump off the proverbial hamster wheel, here are three ways that you can put a stop to the “What do I do next?” marketing confusion, once and for all.

1.    Identify your goals. Not knowing what results you want from your marketing is a bit like taking a road trip without a destination in mind; you may eventually stumble onto a site or two of interest, but odds are you’ll get tired of driving before you find anyplace worthwhile. Plus, the idea of planning a vacation from scratch, with no idea of where to go, can seem a bit overwhelming. So many decisions…do you want to head north or south? East or west? You might find yourself putting it off indefinitely just to avoid the headaches. However, if you know that you want to attend your grandmother’s 90th birthday party in Chicago on September 12th, NOW you have something specific to shoot for, and you can begin planning your travels. You’ll probably even get excited now that things seem a bit more realistic. It’s the same with your marketing. If you have no idea where you’re going, how can you know where to start?  Begin by determining how many clients you want (or need) and then think about where you can find them…and that will help to drive your marketing.

2.    Do what you love. No matter what sales techniques others tout, they will do you no good if you find yourself forcing yourself to do them day after day or week after week. For example, if the mere thought of speaking with prospects one-on-one leaves you tongue-tied, filling your calendar with sales consultations and in-person networking will likely leave you frustrated and broke, not to mention facing each day with misery and dread…and who wants to live like that? You might be better suited for marketing yourself online with articles and effective web copy, at least until you can ease into other methods. If you fill your marketing calendar with tasks that give you joy and fulfillment, you’ll be much more likely to get around to them.

3.   Schedule time for marketing. Once you pick your tasks, setting a routine that you follow each month will relieve the guesswork of what you should be working on each day or week and will therefore also lend itself to a consistent stream of leads flowing into your business. For instance, you might publish an ezine twice/month, on the second and fourth Tuesdays, and host a monthly teleseminar on the third Wednesday. That way, you can schedule your promotions out each month like clockwork, and if you make a promise to your clients to host that teleseminar or publish that ezine, you’ll give yourself instant accountability; after all, you wouldn’t want to flake out on your prospective clients and give them the impression that you’re not dependable, would you? I didn’t think so. 🙂


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