The ultimate passive income challenge

If you saw my post last week, you now know my dirty little biz secret. (If you didn’t catch it, click here for all the juicy details.) Since writing that post, I’ve thought long and hard about how I’m going to make my own biz growth a priority, and I decided that the only way to get where I want to be is to declare my intentions to the blogosphere, loud and clear. That way, if I slack off, I’m not just letting myself down…I’m actually embarrassing myself in front of all who are watching. Oh, the shame!

And the accountability. Blessed, blessed accountability. Sometimes that’s the only way to get things done, it seems. (For me, anyway. Here’s another dirty little secret: I rarely do any heavy cleaning at home unless I know guests are coming over. At any given time, you can walk into my kitchen and see dishes piled in the sink and stacks of mail piled on the table. But I digress….) If you’re anything like me (and if you’re reading this now, I think you are), you have a book inside that knowledge-filled head of yours. I say now’s as good a time as any to GET IT OUT ALREADY!

With the start of a new year comes a fresh start and the opportunity (in our minds, anyway) to start anew. We entrepreneurs always have so many grand ideas, so few of which are actually put into motion. As Darlene so aptly says in her post, “The entrepreneurial mindset usually works something like this: Idea, idea, idea, action, idea, idea, idea, action.”

I’m here to challenge myself and anyone else who wants to take action to create that profitable passive income stream in the next 30 days.

As much as I love working one-on-one with my clients, I want to be able to work steadily less while my passive income grows. Less blood, sweat, and tears, but more cash in the bank account? Sleeping in, having a leisurely breakfast, putting in an hour or two with your favorite clients, then spending the rest of the day doing the things we love to do? Enjoying life in the here and now, when we actually have the energy to do so, rather than slaving away for 40 years and saving “our” time for retirement? Spending more time with friends and family (or that juicy novel that’s calling our name)?

Now THAT’S the American dream (or it should be, anyway).

Over the next month, beginning next Monday, February 1st, I’m going to be devoting a little time each day (probably 30 minutes or so) to creating my passive income stream. Every few days, I’ll share my steps here, for anyone who wants to follow along. (If you enter your email address in the box off to your left that begins with “If you like our blog posts…” and click Subscribe, you’ll get updates sent instantly to your inbox, so you don’t have to keep checking in every few days. Or you can just bookmark this page and check in every morning. Whatever floats your boat.) And if you want to share your progress too, that’s great! Share it on your blog (but be sure to let us know so we can follow you too!) like fellow soloproneur Darlene Victoria Gonzalez will be doing (check out her very cool and highly relevant post, The Idea Syndrome), or use the comments section on this blog to keep us updated. Let’s do this together…working towards creating and promoting a passive income stream that will take the stress out of constantly finding new clients and allow us to focus instead on giving 100% effort to a few ideal clients, and still having time left to enjoy the finer things in life. Sounds pretty cool, right?

I’m ready to begin the ride of my life. Care to join me?

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  • janny226

    OK, I’m going to do it! The fact that I just thought of my novel series in the shower this morning notwithstanding, the fiction will have to take a backseat to the Passive-Income Plan. My idea is to turn the workbooks from our (I say “our” ’cause I work with my husband) website-building classes into sellable DIY books. There, I said it! Aaaand, I’d better revive the business blog, too, while I’m at it. Thanks for doing this!

  • Tammi

    LOL…some of the best ideas come in the shower, don’t they? Sorry they’ll be taking a backseat, but glad to have you on this passive income challenge! I’m excited to watch your progress along the way!

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