The Most Efficient Way to Get Your Next 2-3 Clients

If you need to attract 2-3 new clients into your business, there are a variety of things you could do to get there. You could attend a bunch of networking events…and attempt the uncomfortable-for-all-parties task of trying to sell prospects into your services on the spot. You could cold call 45-50 prospects in your industry to introduce them to your business and ask them to work with you. You could try to fill at the low end 12-15 sales conversations to sell people into your programs and services one-on-one (which can be tough if you’re not comfortable with sales!) – and spend anywhere from 3 hours to about 7.5, 8 hours on the phone, holding those sales calls.

Or you could leverage your time by speaking one-to-many (instead of one-to-one) and shave your phone time down to about 1 hour.

How so?

By hosting a 60-minute teleseminar that educates your prospects, gives valuable information, and invites interested parties to work with you.

The beauty is that when you have a complimentary teleseminar to promote, you can invite interested prospects that you meet at networking events or through other marketing efforts to register for your no-charge teleseminar, and give them a simple, no-obligation way to hear more about what you have to offer, so they can make an informed decision to work with you.

And while teleseminars certainly don’t require rocket science, there is a technique involved behind getting it done right…or you could find yourself wasting your prep time AND your speaking time…and getting a whole lotta nothin’ for your efforts. As in no sign-ups, no listeners, no sales.

Not a good feeling (I speak from experience!).

But if you want to take advantage of this unlimited opportunity to use teleseminars to leverage your time and get clients more efficiently, there are steps you can take to make it happen.

And my colleague, pro speaker John Rasiej of Speak Louder than Words, and I will be sharing how you can use teleseminars to get more clients and make more m0ney in a no-cost teleseries this week – so if you want to learn more about using teleseminars (or using them more effectively), be sure to sign up ASAP.

Just visit to sign up now!

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