The Foolproof Way to Get Website Visitors to Act…NOW!

People are procrastinators by nature, so they’re all too willing to put off decisions that will cost them time and/or money. If you make an open-ended offer, people will probably tell themselves that they’ll spend some time thinking it over, maybe check in with their better half, and then come back to your site to sign up. The problem is that they forgot to bookmark your site, and they can’t remember how the heck they got there in the first place. Or life kicks in and distracts them from returning to your site until well after your teleseminar or e-course or whatever it is that you were offering is a distant memory.

So, how do you put this theory to work for your business?

How to inject a sense of urgency into your website copy

You’ve got to inspire readers to take instant action. An easy way is to insert a looming deadline into your web copy, something like:

“But hurry…this limited-time offer expires at midnight tonight, so grab your copy before it’s too late!”

Of course, the days of never-expiring offers have left many readers suspicious and disbelieving, so it’s important to stay true to your word.  If you say the offer will expire at midnight, take it off the table at midnight. People may miss out on your offer today because they didn’t act quickly enough, but you can be sure that they will snatch up your discount or special deal the next time it comes around!

You can also use the tried-and-true method of limited inventory or space. Even if you’re offering electronic products, you can still use this method. Here’s an example:

“My business advisors tried to tell me to charge 3 times as much mo.ney as I’m charging for this book, so I made them a deal – I’ll sell 250 copies at $XX rate and then, as soon as those copies are gone, my rate will quadruple to $XX. Don’t miss out on your chance to get in on this amazing deal while it lasts!”

If someone is interested in your product or services but hesitating to shell out the c.ash, this gentle nudge just might prompt them into whipping out their credit card.
Keep in mind that the key here isn’t to try to dupe people into a sale, but rather to help those who are already interested in your offerings to make a quick decision – and get started toward getting the results you can give them.

Got questions about how to put this into practice for your biz? Contact me today, or click here to schedule your own Success Session to put yourself on the fast track to the business success you desire – and deserve!


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