The Fallacy of “New”

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Are you one of those entrepreneurs who are waiting to write or speak to their community until you have something big and new and exciting to share? I get it, and you’re not alone. You want every communication to deliver massive value (and rightly so), but the problem is that you are likely undervaluing what you already bring to the table.

And that’s you. Your own thoughts, your own insights, your own uniqueness.

For a long time, I thought people wanted a “just the facts, ma’am” approach to content. I thought it wasn’t worth even reaching out to people if I didn’t have something earth-shattering to share.

I also figured that since I was out there studying everything about small business marketing and ways to improve writing skills that I could get my hands on, that all of my newsletter subscribers were too. That they were just as on the up-and-up as I was.

Turns out, not everyone is quite the “word geek” as I am J, and not everyone’s idea of a good time is spending hours poring over marketing and business books to soak up every little detail of what makes a profitable business.

And it’s the same with you, no matter the business you’re in. In fact, if you think about it, the idea seems kind of silly, doesn’t it? After all, if your peeps knew everything there was to know about your topic of expertise, they wouldn’t be seeking help from you by staying on your newsletter list and reading your content, right?

In most cases, they’re counting on you as the authority, the person who can fill them in on goings-on in your industry. They want you to sift through the mountains of information and find out what works so you can just give them the nuggets they need right now to fix their problems.

Think of professionals in specialized fields, like doctors or lawyers. They get paid big bucks, in most instances, because they spent years upon years of time becoming masters in their field so that other people can pay them for their knowledge and expertise. People who don’t want to spend 8 years in college studying medicine can go sit in a doctor’s office for 30 minutes (on a good day J) and get the solutions to solve what ails them right now. They don’t need to know everything there is to know about the human body…they just want to get quick access to the right treatments when they should happen to need them. Right?

Your business is no different. You’re in the business of helping others find the solutions they need, right now, to find relief. Relief from back pain, relief from money woes, relief from heartache…whatever they may be experiencing in the moment.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you simply copy and paste content from other places and call it your own. Of course, that’s highly frowned upon and won’t help you become seen as an expert if people find out what you’re up to.

No, it’s much better to take what you’ve learned and use it in one (or preferably all!) of these three ways:

  1. Chunk it down into bite-sized pieces to be easier to digest and implement (which means that your clients are seeing quick results…and will therefore be eager to keep coming back for more).
  2. Make it your own – and by that I mean add your own spin to a controversial topic, or give people a new ways to look at an old idea. You probably have tons of fresh thoughts spinning through your mind on any given topic, but perhaps you’re afraid of what others will think if you say them (in which case, they’re not your ideal client) or you don’t think people want to hear your ramblings (wrong!).
  3. Lead people naturally into your paid solutions by giving them a “taste” of what you have to offer. Of course, there’s some strategy behind this; you want to be able to give your prospects just enough to showcase your expertise and get them excited, but not so much that you a) overwhelm them or b) get rid of their perceived need to work with you to achieve lasting results (because we all know the “freebies” can only carry us so far…at some point, we need that extra guidance to really get anywhere).

So it’s time to stop searching for the elusive “new” topics for your blog/newsletter/etc. and start looking within yourself for the answers you already have.

And if you need a little help putting these pieces in place, or brainstorming the right strategy to match your content with your overall marketing plan so that you can use your content to both educate and excite potential clients, let’s chat! Just shoot an email to support@writeassociate to request your complimentary content strategy session.


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