The Easiest, Most Authentic Way to Sell Your Products and Services

…Is to Let Prospective Clients Kick Your Tires a Little

When a prospective client first stumbles onto your website, chances are good that he or she WILL NOT hire you on the spot. It would be nice if things worked that way, but they usually don’t.

Hiring professional help is a big decision for people, especially if you work virtually and they’ll never have the chance to meet you face-to-face. How do they know you are who you say you are? How do you they know you’ll do what you say you’ll do?

A great way to prove to prospects just how awesome you are is to let them kick your tires a little—show them a little sample of what you know, and what you can help them do.

When there’s no cost, risk or obligation, they’re more likely to take you up on your offer. And once you’ve created your sample and set up a way to deliver it, there’s nothing else you have to do except welcome the person with open arms when they’re ready to dive in further. And by then, they’ll be much warmer to the idea.

Here are some examples of a free giveaway you can offer as a sample of your high-quality services:

• A report
• A weekly or monthly e-zine
• A teleseminar
• An audio recording
• A video
• An e-course

These products will serve to educate prospects to the true value of your services in addition to establishing you as the expert in your niche. When clients are ready to move forward with you, here’s a likely scenario of what will happen:

• The client purchases one of your information products
• The client seeks you out through phone or email
• The client signs up for your monthly program
• The client asks how to work with you one-on-one
• The client asks how to pay for the program

Notice that there’s no pushing or hard selling of your services; your marketing funnel has authentically attracted the people you’re meant to serve and moved them naturally towards working with you!

Next steps

Now you know that you can use free giveaways to get people into your marketing funnel, but do you know how to structure your free giveaway in a way that gently leads readers to your paid products and services? Discover an easy-to-follow template for a free giveaway that leads to paying clients during a no-charge teleseminar called “6 Steps to a Steady Stream of Paying Clients: How to Create a Simple Marketing Funnel That Sells Your Products & Services Time & Time Again – Even When You’re On Vacation!” Just visit for instant access to the recording of this content-rich teleseminar.

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