The 5 Most Powerful Words in Marketing

There are five unbelievably powerful words that you must consider before you even sit down to write your website copy and other marketing materials.

These five powerful words are: What’s In It For Me.

You may have heard of this referred to as the acronym: WIIFM. It may sound harsh, but visitors to your website simply don’t care about what you do; they care about how what you do affects them.

Initially, at least, they only care about how you can help them get the results they seek, how you can help them solve their deepest and most painful problems. Then, once they’ve subconsciously made the decision to work with you, they may go digging around your site to learn more about you, your experience, your qualifications, what you’ve done for other clients, etc.

But mostly they want to know how your products and services will change their lives. If that business development course you’re offering next month will share tricks to increase their productivity, marketing techniques to double their income, tips on hiring staff so the business owners can take more time off, etc., be sure to address those benefits.

You’re not just offering to help people grow their business…you’re helping people improve their overall quality of life. But your website visitors won’t know that unless you tell them…so be sure to tell them exactly what they will gain from buying your products and services.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to hone in on reasons that will hit home with your website visitors (and prospective clients):

1.       What are some of the problems that your clients experienced before working with you? What are some of the solutions that you provided to them?

2.       What are some of the “hot” issues that your target market is dying to solve?

3.       What do potential clients stand to gain by buying your products and services?

Putting it all together

Now that you have an idea of the message you should convey on your website, it’s time to input that information into your website copy. Just make a point to speak directly to your potential clients and their needs, and you’ll be well on your way to a client-attracting website!

To help ensure that your website copy is really grabbing visitors’ attention, you want to steer clear of the same old same old “boring” words and jazz up your marketing a bit. To grab a complimentary copy of my brand new 101 Power Words document to help you spruce up your own web copy, visit now!

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