The #1 Reason Why Your Website Isn’t Attracting More Clients into Your Biz

I’ve seen it a hundred times. Business owners spend $1000s of dollars (and plenty of hours) getting their website just right…and then it does absolutely nothing for their business. It doesn’t fill their free consults, sell their products, or connect them with interested clients.

All too often, the visitors who do find their way to your website often click away again empty-handed. And you’re left frustrated and confused. Maybe you’ve given up on even trying to promote your website, figuring, “What’s the difference? It doesn’t work anyway.”

Let’s talk about WHY that is.

Quite frankly, the answer is simple: your web copy (a.k.a. the words you’re using to describe what you do for your clients) isn’t doing its job. Because the real job of your web copy isn’t to sit there and look pretty. Nope, it’s supposed to be working hard to explain to readers why you’re the person to help them conquer their challenges and/or achieve their lifelong goals and dreams.

The first step in helping your website visitors to make the connection between their everyday pains and YOUR products and services as the ideal solution is to engage your readers with web copy that lets them know that you understand them. That you know how to help them. Of course, first you have to know what your visitors are struggling with, but once you have that part covered, then you want to draw them in with web copy that is as fun, inspiring, and passionate as you are. 🙂

For today, let’s go over 3 ways to get this done:

1) Speak directly to your ideal clients. Business owners have an age-old concern that if they speak directly to one specific group of people, they’ll limit their responses and stifle their business growth. When in fact, the OPPOSITE is true. When you can speak directly to one group of people, they’re reading your copy in a mesmerized state and thinking, “Wow – that’s exactly what I need! Where do I sign up?” For example, if you love working with work-at-home moms, you can use your web copy to hone in on their specific challenges, like figuring out how to separate work from home life when they can’t physically step away from their office (which might be a corner of their living room), keeping their kids occupied while they work, dealing with working mom guilt issues, etc. And yes, in specializing this way you’ll be turning away folks who don’t relate…but they prob’ly aren’t your ideal clients any darn way, and the people who DO “get” (and love!) you will be more excited to be part of your world, more willing to pay you what you’re worth (without griping), and more committed to your work together (which in turn means they’ll be more committed to doing the work required to make the changes they want, leading to fantastic testimonials and word-of-mouth advertising for you…it’s a win-win! :)).

2) Get specific. There’s nothing less client-attractive than vague statements in your web copy. Think about the last time you were in the market for something new. Let’s say, a new office phone. If you went to the store and picked up a box off the shelf that was all black, with just the word “Telephone” on the cover, would that get you eager to buy? Of course not. You want more information first. You wanna know if it will meet your needs first. If you attend a lot of conference calls and like to be able to mute yourself while others are talking, will the phone let you do that? Will the battery last for multiple 60-minute conference calls per day? Can you plug a headset in for convenient hands-free listening? You’ve got questions, and the sales material on the phone needs to answer them or you ain’t buying. Well, it’s the same thing with your web copy. If you’re selling virtual assistant services, your website needs to address the common challenges and questions your clients have. Which might include your hours of operation (will they be able to count on you for off-hours emergency service, or are you strictly a Mon-Fri 9-5 type of gal?), your availability (do you have a strict policy to serve a limited clientele in order to ensure that you’re able to provide quick turnaround on projects?), your expertise (will you be able to jump in and tackle projects of a certain nature with little to no direction, saving them hours of training time?), etc. The best tactic is to jot down a list of reasons why YOU are the best person to help them solve their challenges and/or reach their goals, with as many specifics as possible. (Note: this works no matter what you’re selling, from virtual assistant services to business coaching to fitness training and anything in between!)

3) Use language that engages your readers and draws them into your copy.  The best way to do this is to speak from the heart. A major challenge I see from many biz owners is that they get stilted by the idea of trying to write the “perfect” message in their web copy, and then it comes across as impersonal, scripted and boring. Definitely doesn’t sound like you in all your warm, fun, loving glory. 🙂 The best way to get past this is to try and forget that you’re writing to get clients, stop trying to focus so hard on the strategy behind effective web copy for the moment, and just think about your readers. What do they want? What do you want for them? Speak from the heart and the clients will follow!

Still feel like you need a little help getting your web copy just right?

Sometimes what you really need is someone who can guide you through the process of creating engaging, effective web copy. Someone who can identify your clients’ reasons for hiring you, help you determine what your clients really want (so you can be the one to give it to them), and then help you put it all together in web copy that you’ll be proud to send visitors to read (and that will work hard to draw your ideal clients into your biz). If you’d like to learn more about how you can work with me to brainstorm the best message for your web copy and then get it done (with options ranging from done-for-you services to cost-effective do-it-yourself packages), please visit to set up a no-cost, no-obligation phone chat.


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