The #1 place to start with your internet marketing efforts

One of the questions that I get often from entrepreneurs is: Where do I start with internet marketing? Do I launch a blog, create an e-zine (or email newsletter), build my website?

The Problem: Information Overload…and No Clear Direction

No wonder there’s confusion! With so many conflicting messages out there, it can be hard to tell what’s important, what you should do first (Blogging? Email marketing? Website copywriting?), and whether there’s a specific order that different marketing methods should be put into place.

The answer to the last question is a resounding YES!

So much of what you see out there is about driving traffic to your website. You’re inundated with information about search engine optimization, Google Adwords, article marketing, blog posting, etc. etc. But there’s one huge, glaring step that’s being overlooked here.

All too often, I see business owners scrambling to throw together a website, and then they spend weeks, months, even years following guru advice on how to drive traffic to their websites, and then they get frustrated when nothing happens. They might get dozens, hundreds, even thousands of visitors to their websites each month…but no one’s buying. And they’re left wondering if they’re to blame for the lack of results…if their products, services, or programs just aren’t good enough. Plus, they’re working their tails off, hardly seeing their family and loved ones, and just overall getting burnt out in the process.

Not a good feeling!

The Solution: Start With Your Website

Don’t get me wrong; you must drive traffic to your website, but this should absolutely be your second step. The first step, without a doubt, should be to create web copy that converts passive visitors into hot prospects and paying clients.

High-converting web copy can do the following things for your business:

  • Saturate your email newsletter list with hot prospects
  • Fill your service programs
  • Load your appointment book with client consultations
  • Sell your information products for passive income

The right website copy is the foundation for a solid business. Without it, website visitors won’t take that next step towards working with you, and you’ll be left in the same boat you might find yourself in now: busting your hump on marketing efforts to drive traffic to your website, only to find that the traffic doesn’t DO anything when they get there…except to click away.

Once you start getting interested prospects into your marketing pipeline, you can focus on building effective email marketing follow-up campaigns and using methods like article marketing and blogging to drive traffic to your site.

Now that I know where to start, what’s the next step?

First and foremost, before you continue driving traffic to a website that might not be giving optimal return for your efforts, breeze through my 5-question, completely anonymous quiz and instantly find out whether your website is working as well as it should – and if not, exactly what you should focus on to start getting quick results. Visit for an instant analysis of your website!

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