The #1 key to a website that converts visitors into clients is…

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Your message, and the words you choose in your website content to communicate with website visitors, is the most important element of an effective website.

It’s how your website visitors – and potential clients – get that you’re the one to help them solve their problems and reach their goals.

Get those words right and your ideal clients will be lining up to work with you. Get it wrong and you risk wasting countless time & money sending traffic to a website that doesn’t convert the right folks into interested leads and paying clients. (‘Cuz at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about, right?)

But how can you tell if your website content is working to get visitors all fired up to work with you?

Simple. You’ll know it’s working when people who visit your website routinely sign up for your mailing list, request your consultations, and invest in your products and services.

If that’s not the case, NOW is the time to fix it. Pronto.

Before you lose dozens, 100s, or even 1000s MORE potential clients because your website isn’t doing its job to communicate your awesome brilliance – and the life-changing transformation only YOU can bring to your clients’ lives.

If you can feel in your gut that your website is NOT working as well as you’d like, and you know that now is the time to fix it – before you miss out on even more leads and clients – I invite you to join me in the fall Write Your Website workshop that kicks off live TOMORROW, where we’ll work together to write compelling website copy that lets you use your website to grow your newsletter list, fill your free consultations, and sell your products and services. Woo-hoo!

Click here to learn more and save your spot.

When you enroll in the 4-week Write Your Website workshop, each week you’ll get:

• Exclusive access to a live webinar where we’ll go over that week’s lesson
• A live Q&A session at the end of each training so you can get instant answers to your burning questions (so you can keep moving forward fast!)
• Fill-in-the-blanks templates for each page of your website to help you get the ball rolling (so you never have to start with a blank screen)
• A weekly Action Plan outlining the exact 5 steps you need to take that week (each of which can be completed in 30 minutes or less) to complete that week’s lesson and get your web copy written in record time
• A “get it done” action guide giving specific exercises to keep you on track (so you aren’t just getting a bunch of “fluff” but actionable material you can begin putting into place right away to make your website more effective)
• Proven samples to help you see great web copy in action (and spark some fresh ideas for your website)
• Unlimited email support throughout the course of 30 days – in between Q&A calls, send your questions directly to me and get responses within 48 hours (so you never get stuck on an obstacle halfway through the writing process)
• A community support system: participants get access to an exclusive networking forum to hook up with accountability buddies, JV/referral partners, potential clients and new friends
• The chance to get your web copy reviewed by a pro in weekly “Web Copy Makeover” spotlights (a $200 value) – so you can walk away not only with specific changes you can put into place on your website but a renewed sense of confidence that you’re on the right track

And when you register by this Wednesday (tomorrow!) morning, you can take advantage of an automatic $300 Savings, no coupon code required, and get the help you need to write your website at our lowest rate ever.


To check out all the juicy details and claim your automatic $300 savings, please visit


When you complete the Write Your Website Workshop, you’ll walk away with:

• 3 pages of compelling web copy:

• A home page done and ready to attract your ideal folks (heck, if you publish it right away you might even have a few new clients before the workshop even ends!)

• An about page that positions your expertise in a fun, friendly way that allows the real you to shine through while boosting your credibility and expertise (there are specific techniques to get you there – we’ll cover them all!)

• A services page that shows YOU are the solution to your clients’ most pressing problems – and invites the right peeps ready to take the next step (plus, what that next step should be to maximize your responses)

• A plan for creating a testimonials page to build trust and boost your credibility (plus how to get glowing testimonials – even if you’ve never had a paying client!)

• A working knowledge of basic copywriting techniques, including using power words to excite and engage readers, writing headlines that grab attention, and creating irresistible offers that get readers off the fence and into action

• A renewed excitement for your website and your marketing (you’ll no longer cringe at the thought of sending folks to visit your website!)

Grab your virtual seat now at


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