Size DOES Matter

Nope, it’s not what you think. 🙂

I’m talking about filling your business with ideal clients, and it’s a process that starts with getting in front of enough interested prospects. And it truly is a numbers game; no matter how good you are at selling your products and services (and let’s face it – selling is NOT a key strength in most of us small business owners), chances are you’re not going to close every single sale with every single prospect you talk to.

That’s why it’s important to get in front of as many prospective clients as possible…and if you can build a database full of prospective clients (a.k.a. a newsletter list) as you go, then you will always know where to turn if you have a few spots to fill in your service packages, coaching programs, seminars, etc…you can just shoot an email to your database of prospects on your newsletter list and let those who are interested at that time step forward and take advantage of your offers.

Because people may find you at different times in their buying process. Maybe they’re just starting to look into using the services you provide but not ready to commit at this moment. Maybe they’re ready to commit but not sure which solutions are best for them. Whatever the case, being able to continually follow up with people who are interested in your solutions is the KEY to success in small business.

So the question of the day is: How do you get prospective clients to step forward and ASK you to communicate with them?

The answer is simple: you have to give to get. As in, you give something of value, and in return you get the prospect’s contact information for future follow-ups.

Now, the idea of giving is not new to most of you, who are likely familiar with the idea of using free giveaways like special reports, CDs, videos, etc. to build your newsletter list, but the problem is that the vast majority of freebies out there aren’t getting the job done. They aren’t strategically structured in a way that positions the business owner’s expertise and encourages readers to move into a deeper working relationship,

Nope, most of these freebies only serve to frustrate small business owners, typically for one of two reasons:

A) You spend days, weeks, even months putting together the best dang free report you can imagine, proudly post it up on your website, and…nothing. No one even asks for a copy of it. Talk about a disappointment!

B) You get a small trickle of download requests but nothing else; readers aren’t taking further action to work with you. Another major bummer.

So it all comes down to two essential steps:

1) You’ve gotta grab the attention of prospective clients so that they can’t resist stepping forward and joining your newsletter list, at the same time identifying themselves as interested prospects for your careful, consistent follow-up, and

2) Your freebie HAS to inspire readers into further action. There’s a fine line between offering value in your freebie and giving away SO much that your prospects feel they don’t need to work with you. If you don’t walk that line just right, you risk talking prospects right out of working with you.

So to summarize, the first step to attracting more clients is to attract prospective clients and build your prospect database (otherwise known as your newsletter list). And then once you have easy access to a database of hundreds or thousands of people who are interested in your products and services, you will never again wonder where on earth you’ll find paying clients for your offerings – they’re just a click away.

What’s next?

Not sure HOW to grab the attention of prospective clients with your freebie and then inspire readers into further action? My brand-new Prospects on Demand system comes complete with fill-in-the-blank free report templates (which can also be used as scripts for CD recordings), instructions on creating an irresistible title for your giveaway, and even tips to help you come up with a blow-their-socks-off topic, all packaged together and delivered right to your door. Learn more and get started now at


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