Sizzlin’ Copy Club

At Last, Find Out if Your Marketing is Geared to Draw Clients in – or if All Your Hard Work Will Be Wasted on Marketing that Repels Your Ideal Clients!

With an investment less than your average night out on the town, you can get the confidence of knowing that your marketing time & dollars are well-spent on marketing that gets your ideal clients excited to Buy Now!

Now’s Your Chance, With VIP Access to the Monthly “Make Your Copy Sizzle” Club!

So you can stop wondering things like, “Will this headline really grab the attention of my website visitors?” Or, “Is this offer juicy enough to get my ideal clients excited to say ‘YES’?”

“Am I doing this RIGHT?”

One of the main reasons people have trouble finding success online is the lack of accountability and the feeling like you’re completely on your own to figure everything out. Which causes so many users to either get stuck halfway through and give up on their dreams of running a successful, financially stable, and fulfilling business or they get overwhelmed by the complicated process and quit. Not to mention that entrepreneurs such as yourself are typically isolated in your own little worlds and have trouble taking a step back and really seeing what makes your products and services irresistible to your prospects. So I want to extend to you a supercharged program that gives you a taste of my monthly “Make Your Copy Sizzle Club for 30 days at just $5.

The Make Your Copy Sizzle Club uses 9 components to help you find success:

LIVE Monthly Training Webinars: Get advice on everything from traffic generation to website conversions and much more (scroll down for a full list of potential topics)!

Customized Guidance: Each month, you’ll have the chance to send any questions you might have on the topic at hand directly to me (Tammi) and get one-on-one answers/feedback – so you can be sure that you’re ready to move forward fast with creating YOUR compelling marketing copy!

Our Exclusive Swipe File of Relevant Samples & Templates: Each month, members get exclusive access to a swipe file of proven examples custom-written by our professional copywriters – not some regurgitated template you’ll find floating around the internet – showing you exactly what’s working now, and giving you rights to use these samples and/or templates to create your own winning marketing campaigns – WITHOUT starting from a blank screen!

“Get it Done” Checklists: These checklists will detail the specific exercises to keep you on track (so you aren’t just getting a bunch of “fluff” but actionable material you can begin putting into place right away to make your online marketing more effective)

Monthly Action Plans: Your Action Plan will outline the exact steps you need to take (each of which can be completed in 30 minutes or less) to implement that month’s training as quickly and effectively as possible

Lifetime Access to Trainings: Whether you miss a live call or just want to listen again later, the mp3 recording of each training is yours to keep – even if you decide to cancel your membership later (which we hope you won’t!)

Member Networking Forum: With this community support system, participants get access to an exclusive networking forum to hook up with accountability buddies, JV/referral partners, potential clients and new friends

Access to a Members-Only Resource Center: Download all of the materials you’ve received during your active membership, including training webinars, swipe files, and other treasures to help you create marketing materials that make you money!

Quarterly Call-in Dates: once per quarter, we’ll offer exclusive “call-in” times, where active members can dial into a private phone line and get 15 minutes of one-on-one laser consulting to cover any topic you want, from website critiques to email subject line suggestions or anything under the sun (at least, when it comes to online marketing & copywriting topics; please don’t ask us to diagnose your pet’s illness :))

Discounts on Success Products: Get 20% off any products in our Success Store, including our popular Instant Web Copy templates and Profitable Newsletters program

Ready to get started?

*Note: After the free 30-day trial, your subscription will automatically renew at a rate of $49/month unless cancelled. You may cancel at any time by emailing or calling our team. Detailed instructions will be provided with your order.

With your discounted ticket, you’ll get an exclusive invitation to a live virtual training each month, where we will discuss hot trends in compelling copy like:

  • Lead-Generation tips – such as using free reports to grow your newsletter list – so you can attract 100s – or even 1000s – of prospective clients into your business (potential topics include 10 Formulas for Writing a Title for Your Free Report that is Practically Impossible for Potential Clients to Pass Up!)

  • Email Marketing techniques to build long-term relationships with current & potential customers (recent topics include Discover 5 Surefire Subject Line Formulas to Virtually Guarantee More Readers Will Open – and Read – Your Emails!)

  • Passive Income secrets to help you create and market information products you can sell on your website to leverage your time and earn money 24/7 (Potential topics include Anatomy of a Sales Page: 5 Simple Steps to Creating a Money-Making Sales Page for Your Book, Training Program, or Other Information Product)

  • Teleseminars/webinars to capture clients by speaking (potential topics include Telesummits 101: How to Choose a Topic and Title for a Telesummit that Attracts Big-Name Speakers and Helps You Add 1000s of Subscribers – and Potential Clients – to Your Newsletter List)

  • Online Video to engage website visitors & drive traffic to your website (potential topics include How to Write a Simple, 1-Minute Script for a Home Page Video that Engages Website Visitors and Prompts Them to Take Immediate Action)

  • Social Networking tips to help you build relationships with the millions of online users who are already talking about your area of expertise (potential topics include The Write Way to Use Facebook for Business: How to Create Ongoing Content for Your Facebook Page that Works to Establish Your Expertise and Grow Your Business!)

  • Persuasive Writing insights that let you discover how successful business owners use the power of the written word to sell their products and services (potential topics include 10 Formulas for Writing a Headline that Stops Website Visitors in Their Tracks – and Encourages Them to Actually Read Your Message)

  • Website Conversion boosts to help you convert more of your visitors into hot prospects and paying clients (potential topics include Secrets of a Client-Attracting Home Page: 5 Simple Steps to Creating a Home Page that Lets Your Website Connect Your Business with Dozens, 100s, even 1000s of Your Ideal Clients Online!)

  • Traffic Generation secrets to help you get a flood of targeted website traffic in a hurry (potential topics include SEO Copywriting Made Easy: 5 Crucial Elements of a Well-Written Web Page that Search Engines AND Website Visitors Love!)

  • Holiday-Related Promotions to help you relate to customers and drive sales of your products/services (potential topics include How to Write a 3-Step Email Series to Inspiring a Rush of New Sales this Thanksgiving Season)

  • Recurring Income to eliminate the “feast or famine” rollercoaster and stabilize your earnings from month to month (potential topics include 3 Tips for Choosing Membership Site Topics that Keep Users Engaged – and Subscribed!)

  • Publicity & Press to build buzz for your business in the new year (recent topics include Secrets of Writing a Winning Press Release to Drive Website Traffic, Generate Free Publicity, and Boost Buzz for Your Business)

You don’t have to struggle through any challenges or uncertainties on your own; I’ll be right there to help you create irresistible copy that attracts clients, makes you money, and grows your business…so you can get the best possible results from your marketing efforts.

*Note: After the 30-day trial, your subscription will automatically renew at a rate of $49/month unless cancelled. You may cancel at any time by emailing or calling our team. Detailed instructions will be provided with your order.

Get started now, at no risk!