Let's Write Your Book Together!

If you're cool with (and maybe even enjoy) writing the book yourself, this option will help you get it done with ease and speed. (For reals. We regularly get "love notes" from clients who can't believe how easy and even-gasp-FUN the book-writing process is with the help of seasoned book coaches guiding their way. ;))

This option includes a roughly 60-minute phone consultation where you will work together with your book writing coach to flesh out a solid book outline, including chapter headings and subheadings, to help ease your writing process. We would also create a book completion schedule, with deadlines for finishing each chapter, to help you move forward at a steady pace. Additionally, the chapters would be due to me on the deadline dates, which can help to keep you accountable with your writing. When I receive each chapter, I then get to work on a comprehensive editing to check for inconsistencies in facts, ensure overall content flow, remove typos and grammatical/spelling errors, and so forth. I will take your book through four levels of editing:

  • Content editing to identify what to keep in and what to remove, to ensure each point is unique and necessary, and to evaluate whether information is factually true and relevant to the overall content
  • Structure editing to organize chapters and points into a narrative that flows well from beginning to end
  • Style editing to make sure ideas are expressed as simply, clearly and elegantly as possible, while also presenting persuasive copywriting suggestions for catchy chapter titles and subheadings
  • Presentation editing to review for errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but also to check for inconsistencies and anything that may have been missed during the first levels
I will also have deadlines in which to return my suggested edits to you, so we are moving forward simultaneously to produce a polished book in a timely fashion. Additionally, you will be able to contact me at any time with questions about the book writing process. The primary benefits of this package are the accountability to keep you moving forward, the book writing support, and the timely, in-depth editing to ensure your book is publish-ready in as little time as possible, with minimal interference with your already-busy schedule.

Here's exactly how the process works:

Step 1: We begin with a phone/Skype consultation to brainstorm your main points and work through creating an outline for your book. We also create an expected completion calendar, setting deadlines for completing each chapter, detailing exactly when your writing is due to me and when my revisions are due back to you.

Step 2: Within 48 hours of the consult you will receive a written report containing your main points, outline, and deadlines for each phase of the book's completion.

Step 3: You will use the outline to begin working on writing your chapters, sending each completed chapter to me via email by the stated deadline. I will then get to work reviewing your completed chapter while you begin working on the next. My line-by-line chapter reviews will look for things like content clarity, word usage, and overall flow from both marketing and readability standpoints, and I will send back specific suggestions for changes that will help to make the content as clear and compelling as possible.

During this in-depth critique, I'll offer my exact suggestions for what to change and what to keep, from the main book title to individual chapter titles all the way to your final page, so you can publish your book with the confidence that you're on the right track. If necessary, I might add subheadings to help add sizzle and intrigue to both the content and your Table of Contents, which can be viewed by potential readers using the Look Inside feature on Amazon (see "Table of Contents sample" document attached; the red text shows my suggested additions/revisions). This process essentially turns your Table of Contents into a mini sales page that gets potential readers excited to not only buy but take the time to read your book.

My work will help to ensure that your book is:

  • Well organized, checking that the information is presented logically and that the text thoroughly explains the topic at hand without confusing readers
  • Coherent and compelling in order to keep readers engaged
  • Clear and articulate
  • Consistent in tone, style and approach

My suggested revisions will be made in Microsoft Word using the tracked changes and comments features so you can easily see all suggestions. I will return the chapter reviews to you via email within the deadlines agreed upon in our initial consult.

The investment for this package is $750/month for 6 months (or you can choose a pay-in-full option if you'd prefer and save 10%). To get started, the first month's payment is due upfront with the remaining balance automatically deducted from your credit card on file every 30 days for a total of 6 payments.

Why Work With Us to Get Your Book Done?

Get organized

Not only will we help you organize your thoughts into a well-thought-out book but we'll also check that the information is presented logically and that the text thoroughly explains the topic at hand without confusing readers. So you can rest assured that your book stands out as one readers will love...and gladly share with their friends.

Designed to convert

With a background in marketing, we know that while good content is important, putting key components into place to convert readers into leads and clients for your business is even better. 🙂 We'll work with you to make sure your book is not only beloved by readers but helps grow your business too.

Full support, accountability and guidance

We are here every step of the way to answer questions, hold you accountable and make sure you keep moving forward toward your goal of finishing your book(s)!

More free time to do what you love

With our support, you can get your book done in record time and have loads of time left for what you love (whether that's kicking back with a glass of vino, hanging with loved ones, working with clients...whatever floats your boat!).

Less stress

Writing a book can be stressful, especially if you're going in blind. Let us guide your path and help you make a smooth transition to published author so you can stress less and celebrate more.

You keep all rights

With our services, YOU'RE always the star! We're happy to work quietly in the background, supporting your every move while you keep all the rights and all the glory. Let us help you shine the way you were meant to.

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