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It’s time to put together this week’s blog post/article/website content/newsletter etc., and when you sit down to write…nothing. Not a single word comes to mind. As you stare hopelessly at your computer screen, you will your mind to think of something, anything that you can start typing. Still nothing! As the seconds tick by and you sit paralyzed at your desk, you begin to panic. How on earth will you keep up with your marketing and get more clients if you can’t think of anything to write? Oh, the joys of writer’s block.

First things first: calm down!

The more you stress out and try to force things, the more your brain will shut down in rebellion. Take a few deep breaths, maybe do some light meditation if you’re into that sort of thing, and try to clear your mind. Imagine you’re relaxing on a tropical island or doing something else you love.


Now that you’ve taken a mini mental vacation, come back to your screen and try again. Still nothing? That’s okay, all is not lost. Your next step is to physically remove yourself from the situation. Try doing something else for 5-10 minutes, preferably something that’s not mentally challenging. This would be a great time to straighten up your office or do that light filing you’ve been meaning to get to. The point is to walk away from the task at hand and let your mind regroup so you can come back refreshed and focused. How much time you need will vary…sometimes it only takes a few minutes, other times you might not sit back down to write for a full day. It may mean that your blog post goes out a day later than normal, but isn’t better to take your time writing a great post than to try and throw together something crappy just to make your own deadline? ‘Nuff said.

Brainstorm ideas ahead of time

If you find yourself regularly facing writer’s block, take a day or so to write down all the potential topics you can think of. Don’t fence yourself in or ignore thoughts that you think are “stupid;” if it comes to mind, jot it down. Keep going until you’ve filled at least a notebook page with potential marketing topics, then sit down and flesh them out. Pick the best of the best to get started, and save the others for a rainy day (like the next time you’re faced with writer’s block!). Drawing a blank during your brainstorming session? A few suggestions to get started: think about the questions potential clients regularly ask you, take a look at what others in your field are talking about, or come right out and ask people in your target market what they want to know about your area of expertise.

If all else fails, hire a professional writer to help you beat writer’s block

Not all copywriters will help you with the brainstorming part, though; some will require you to provide all topics before they’ll start writing. If you decide to take this step, ask potential writers if they’re open to helping you brainstorm topic ideas.

Do you have other ways to overcome writer’s block? Please share them in the Comments section below!


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