22 Ways to Supercharge Your Webinar Content for MORE Leads and Clients

Creating a webinar can be a rather large endeavor. It takes a lot of writing and other prep work that shouldn’t just be tossed to the wayside once your webinar is over and done. With that in mind, below are 22 ways to re-use your webinar content to expand your reach and attract the eye of even more leads and clients.

1. Create a 3-5 minute “highlight” video and post on YouTube and your own blog. While plenty of people will stick around for a 60-minute webinar, especially if you work to keep them engaged during the presentation, even more people will watch a short-but-sweet video of the main topics on YouTube or your own blog. Plus, now that YouTube is owned by Google, getting your content there is an SEO gold mine.

2. Record your webinar so people can watch it later. You’re doing the work once, so might as well turn your webinar into an evergreen, list-building freebie that works to attract leads and clients around the clock…long after you’ve moved on to other projects. Software programs like WebinarIgnition can help you turn videos you’ve already created into automated webinar campaigns that require little to no upkeep on your part.

3. Promote your evergreen webinar on your website, in social media, and anywhere else you can think of. ‘Nuff said.

4. Post your PowerPoint presentation on Slideshare. Whether your presentation is filled with gorgeous pictures or more of a just-the-facts text outline of your talk, posting the slides on SlideShare can be a great way to expand your reach to new audiences. Be sure to include a slide telling people how to get more information by signing up for the full-feature webinar replay (and joining your mailing list in the process).

5. Transcribe your webinar—or use a speaking script if you wrote one (click here for a fill-in-the-blanks webinar script template)—and turn it into a special report to give away on your website. Bonus: If you publish the transcript on a web page—rather than as a PDF—you can score some major SEO benefits.

6. Turn a webinar handout into a free giveaway that encourages folks to watch the webinar for more information. Similarly, if you created a handout that attendees can use to follow along (always a good idea to boost the engagement and value factor), you can give that handout away as a list-building freebie. Just be sure to direct folks toward the full webinar for more info. (Pst: Don’t have one? Click here to grab a template for creating a stellar webinar handout.)

7. Bundle the webinar replay, transcript, and handout into a product you can sell for passive income. If you already have a list-building freebie or are just looking for a product to sell for passive income, an informative webinar can be a perfect addition to your revenue stream.

8. Assign a hashtag to your webinar. Use it on social media before, during, and after your webinar to promote registrations, engage attendees, and provide key takeaways.

9. Turn each main speaking point into a blog post. If you cover 5 main points, you’ve got 5 blog posts covered in one shot. What’s that, 2 1/2 months’ worth for bi-weekly blog publishers? Now you know where to turn during those “what should I write about now?” moments. #you’rewelcome

10. Turn each main speaking point into a video for posting on YouTube and your blog. And yes, you should post both on YouTube AND your blog for maximum exposure.

11. Turn each main speaking point into a podcast episode. Like YouTube, iTunes has become quite the search engine for folks looking for information and/or entertainment.

12. Publish your entire webinar as a podcast. Strip the mp3 file from your video and you can put the whole dang thing on iTunes and other directories to get more eyes—or, I suppose in this case, ears—on your training.

13. If you included a Q&A session, turn the Q’s into blog/video/podcast episodes. Ooh boy, is this a good one! Questions from your audience can be a gold mine because they’re telling you exactly what they want to know, what they’re worried about, etc. And you can bet if one person is asking, plenty more are wondering the same thing. So save those questions somewhere safe and pull them out for answering on your blog, YouTube, and iTunes.

14. Package all questions on a particular topic into a list-building free report. If you got enough questions, you can package them—along with your thoughtful answers—into a free report/white paper to give away on your website.

15. Use a free service like Canva.com to create an infographic detailing the webinar’s main points. Share it on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

16. Use your webinar content to write a short email autoresponder series that gives value to new subscribers while boosting your credibility. This might be a good idea if you use your webinar handout, FAQ’s, or something similar as a free list-building giveaway and want to lead new subscribers into your paid webinar/transcript bundle. Email autoresponders taken from the webinar’s main points can help get folks excited about the content and interested in purchasing the upgrade package.

17. If you poll your webinar attendees, start a LinkedIn discussion about the poll results. People love polls. They want to see how they stack up against others. So consider using your webinar to poll folks on a topic related to your webinar (natch) and then let them know to watch your LinkedIn account for the results. (Bonus: this keep their eyes peeled for your updates instead of allowing them to easily ignore your name when it pops into their screen. Which can help prime them for seeing you as a welcome addition in their social media lives rather than an annoying marketer.)

18. If you poll your webinar attendees, post the results on your blog. See above.

19. Publish a video about poll results on YouTube. Are you starting to see a pattern here? 🙂 Repurpose everything into different media formats and watch your reach spread exponentially.

20. Create a podcast about poll results.

21. Turn poll results into an infograph and share it online.

22. Write and publish a press release on key takeaways from the webinar. Be sure to direct readers to the registration page to sign up for the replay-and join your mailing list. Press releases can help you gain exposure to media outlets and might even spark publication about your business in newspapers, magazines, or online avenues.

As you can see, one webinar can spawn a whole flurry of marketing activity for your business and keep your content calendar full for weeks—if not months—to come.

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