“Promoting Your Services Reeks Desperation…”

About a month ago, a major hail storm hit my town, bringing with it golf ball-sized hail in some places (ours was the size of a marble) and destroying hundreds of thousands of roofs across the city. Shortly afterward, we started getting phone calls from roofing companies offering free estimates. Then project managers started showing up at our door, asking if they could provide us with a free quote. All around us, people were having roofs replaced, and roofing company signs began sprouting like dandelions on lawns across town.

Then one day, my husband was talking to a coworker about the storm, and he mentioned the calls and face-to-face visits we’d been getting from roofing companies.

His coworker’s response: “Really? They’re going door to door? Stay away from THOSE companies!”

His implication, as I took it, was that companies who actively seek new customers must be lacking in some way, perhaps in the quality of their services. That if they’re out there ringing doorbells they must be so desperate for work that there’s gotta be something wrong with them.

As an active marketer, I looked at it another way.

As much as I hate the interruption from folks ringing my doorbell during the day when I’m trying to work, I can appreciate their tenacity.

After all, they’re just taking advantage of a ripe opportunity to fill a need that already exists in the marketplace. And rather than letting their competitors scoop up all the business or waiting for folks to come looking for them, they take matters into their own hands and bring their business to customers.

Personally, I think it’s brilliant marketing, and I wish that more business owners would take this active approach rather than the “wait and see” approach that’s all-too prevalent in the business world. As in, let’s put out our shingle and wait and see if folks find us.

Until folks don’t, and they’re closing their business doors.

It’s so sad, especially since it’s so preventable.

If you take the active approach, and regularly seek people who want and need what you have to offer, your chances of survival skyrocket.

‘Cuz the truth of the matter is that you have to place yourself where your customers are, whether that’s in their home, at the market, etc. You have to make it so easy for them to reach out to you that it’s nearly impossible for them NOT to call you/request a quote/fill-in-your-own-call-to-action here.

Or you can “wait and see” your way right to business failure.

Which would you prefer?

Parting Thoughts

Whatever you do, make sure that the right folks are able to find you, and that your marketing communications will inspire them to step forward and identify themselves as people who are interested in your products and services. The best way that I know of to begin building those crucial relationships is by offering potential clients a free giveaway that positions you as an expert worthy of their time and attention. If you need help putting your irresistible freebie together, check out my recent free training series called Turn Website Visitors into Leads: 5 Steps to Creating a Compelling, List-Building Free Giveaway! Click here for instant access to this in-depth teleseminar reply and two short-yet-powerful training videos.


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