Instant List-Building Freebie


Fill-in-the-blanks template, training and resources for writing a free report that helps you build a mailing list of potential clients. Scroll down for more information.

Product Description

Your Instant List-Building Freebie program comes complete with:

• A fill-in-the-blanks free report template to help you breeze through the process of writing your freebie (and help you say buh-bye to writer’s block for good!)

13 fill-in-the-blanks free report title formulas to help you whip up an all-important attention-grabbing title, including 71 use-as-you-wish examples for professionals in 27 industries

• 5 short, sweet, and powerful MP3 audio training sessions to walk you through the process of customizing your free report

• A structured schedule that breaks the training into 5 sections so you can avoid overwhelm by focusing on one manageable section of your freebie at a time, until all of the sections are done and ready to be pieced together

• Each section broken into a combination of training and dedicated writing time, so you can immediately take action on what you’ve just learned and complete that part of your freebie

Action Plans for each section, detailing exactly what to do first, next, and last to finish each part of your freebie

Get it Done Guides for each section, including exercises and assignments to take you from idea to implementation

Here’s what we’ll cover in the in-depth training modules:

Module 1: Make it Irresistible

A freebie that no one wants isn’t going to do much to help you grow your biz, so we’ll kick things off with a discussion of how to choose an in-demand topic that will draw your ideal clients to you.

Module 2: Establish Your Expertise

Next up, we’ll work on writing an introduction that establishes you as an expert worthy of your prospects’ time and attention and helps readers get excited about the transformation you can provide them.

Module 3: Educate & Inspire

In the third section, we’ll dive into the main body of your freebie. We’ll talk about choosing 3-5 main points that will end up pulling double duty, as both the headers for your content and the bullet points for your opt-in page, and then we’ll discuss how to walk that fine line between providing value and giving away SO much that you overwhelm your readers (‘cuz an overwhelmed reader definitely won’t buy). You want your main body to pull double-duty by both educating readers on why they need your solutions and also inspiring them to take the next step toward their own transformation (don’t worry, I’ll show you how!).

Module 4: Move Them Forward

Once the body of your freebie is done, you want to wrap things up with an invitation to take the next step in working with you. We’ll discuss different calls-to-action to consider, along with the pros and cons of each, plus a few ways to move readers out of indecision and into action.

Module 5: Grab Their Attention

Last but certainly not least, we’ll end the training with a discussion of how you can create an irresistible title that will grab the attention of your target market and leave them eager to sign up for your freebie – and in the process learn more about your paid solutions.



PLUS, get 3 worth-their-weight-in-gold bonuses – easily worth over $100 in their own right, yours at no extra charge with the purchase of this program!

Bonus #1

37 List Building Secrets Exposed e-book (a $37 value)

Email marketing won’t do you much good if you don’t have subscribers to market to, and this e-book gives you 37 creative, fun, and (in most cases) FREE ideas to quickly grow your newsletter list. Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover inside this revealing guide:

• How to use free viral ebooks to draw thousands of new subscribers to your newsletter list!

• How to use article marketing to skyrocket your subscription rate AND instantly boost your bottom line!

• How to write content so compelling your subscribers practically beg you to share your secrets with their friends

• How to quickly & easily joint venture with other marketers in your niche to add thousands of new subscribers to your list – the techniques I reveal are so simple, they really shouldn’t be legal!

• And much more!


Bonus #2

“10 Most Common Ezine Publishing Mistakes” special report (a $24 value)

After all of the hard work that you put into building your list, you really don’t want to wipe it out with one of these ten common mistakes – any one of which could send readers rushing to unsubscribe or – worse – calling you out as a spammer. You REALLY don’t want that reputation if you want to have any success with email marketing! In this report, you’ll discover:

• The ONE mistake that could cost you your hard-earned newsletter list and possibly even your internet service (yes, this move can get you blacklisted by your internet service provider and completely kicked offline!)

• How to avoid being labeled as a spammer – the worst possible title anyone who’s trying to do business online could ever want!

• The amount of promotional ads most newsletter subscribers will accept before unsubscribing in disgust (there’s a simple formula that the top internet marketers rely on to keep their own lists full – and growing steadily)

• How to leverage your time spent creating and publishing your email newsletter to attract even more subscribers to your newsletter list – with little extra effort

• And much more!

Bonus #3

Plug-and-Publish Autoresponder Emails (a $47 value)

This series of done-for-you autoresponder messages offer a non-salesy way to invite newsletter subscribers to take the next step towards working with you – whether you want them to schedule a consultation, register for an upcoming event, or take other actions. Perfect for those who want to authentically connect with their ideal clients but don’t have the time to reach out individually to each one! Just copy the messages into your autoresponder program as is or tweak them to meet your needs. Use these autoresponder emails to:

• Form a strong connection with potential clients in a short period of time

• Reach past prospects’ indecisiveness so they can take action towards reaching their goals

• Establish yourself as the expert your subscribers need to get the results they desire and deserve

• Start getting more paying clients from your email marketing efforts in as little as 15 days

• Create a steady flow of client inquiries and product purchases with no ongoing effort – just plug the done-for-you emails into your autoresponder program once, and watch the responses pour in!

This package also comes with instructions on when to send each message for best results, suggestions for personalizing them for your business, compelling subject lines that can be copied-and-pasted into your autoresponder program, and more!


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You can test drive our product for 30 days with NO RISK.

If you think that our product not the right fit, simply contact our support team, and we will process a prompt refund. No Questions Asked!

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