Instant Autoresponder Emails Template


Your fill-in-the-blanks template, plus training and other resources, for writing a series of autoresponder emails that builds like & trust in subscribers. Scroll down for more information.

Product Description

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside the Instant Follow-Up Emails Template Package:

  • Fill-in-the-blanks templates that make writing a follow-up autoresponder series to new subscribers a breeze (just plug your info into the provided blanks and you’re good to go!)
  • Step-by-step audio instructions to walk you through customizing the template to make your emails unique to your business and even more irresistible to YOUR ideal clients
  • An Action Plan & Get it Done Guide that walks you step-by-step through the process of customizing your autoresponder email templates
  • Done-for-you subject lines to help your emails stand out from the crowd and get opened
  • A swipe file of effective autoresponder emails so you can see great emails in action and spark the wheels of inspiration for your own emails

PLUS, get 4 cool bonus goodies worth $176!

On top of your training, when you order now you’ll also get 4 bonus goodies worth $176:

Bonus #1: Email Follow-Up Planner: Turn Your New Leads into Customers in 7 Days ($29 value)

This Step-by-Step Planner covers:

  • Step 1: Define Your Dream Client
    Exercise: Define Your Dream Client
  • Step 2: Know Your Follow-Up Goal
    Exercise: Determine Your Goal
  • Step 3: Opt-In Incentives – Giving Your Dream Client What She Wants & Needs
    Exercise: Create Your Opt-In Incentive
  • Step 4: Map Your Funnel
    Exercise: Plan Your Follow-Up Sequence
  • Step 5: Striking the Right Balance Between Information and Offers
    Exercise: Give Them Good Info
    Exercise: Create Your Email Calls to Action
  • Step 6: Open Up – How to Write Clickworthy Subject Lines
    Exercise: Create a Swipe File
  • Step 7: Crafting Compelling Calls to Action
  • Step 8: Put Your Email Campaigns on Autopilot
    Exercise: Plan Out Your Automation
  • Step 9: Test, Track, Tweak & Improve
    Exercise: Track Your Numbers
    Exercise: Email Planning Templates


Bonus #2: Save the Sale Follow-up Email Kit: 10 Fill-in-the-Blank Emails to Help You Close More Sales ($49 value)

These are the 10 Letters You’ll Get in this Kit:
  • Email to Follow Up With Potential Customers Who Do Not Buy
    If a client visits your sales page but does not buy, this email will help answer questions and remove purchasing barriers.
  • Email to Send When a Potential Client Says “No”
    Send this email to respond to your client’s concerns regarding your programs or services to overcome their objections and get them excited to work with you.
  • Email to Reconnect With a Past Client
    This email is perfect for reaching out to a client you’ve coached in the past, and would love to work with again. They are waiting for the opportunity. With this letter, you’ll give it to them.
  • Email to Send to a Canceled Group Coaching Member
    This email lets canceled members know about changes to your membership since they’ve left, and extends an invitation to rejoin. Sometimes life circumstances change or the person’s business has changed and they’ll jump at the chance to pick up where they left off.
  • Email to Send When a Client Says “It’s Not in My Budget”
    This email answers the money concerns your potential clients might have in a thoughtful, gentle manner.
  • Email to Send When Client Isn’t Doing the Work
    This email offers a gentle reminder of your client’s goals, plus encouragement to keep moving forward. This letter can help to ensure their success so they continue to work with you.
  • Email to Send Following a No-Show Appointment
    Frequently a no-show is just based in fear. Send this email to help potential clients overcome their concerns while offering encouragement and information on how you can help.
  • Email to Send When They Hire a Different Coach/Service Provider
    Send this email to wish them well with their new coach/service provider, and to remind them of additional training/programs you offer that may be a good fit down the road. They’ll remember that you were a class act. Frequently, when their other business relationship ends, they’ll come back and be ready to sign on the dotted line saying “I should have chosen you instead.” While we don’t wish anyone to waste money, we definitely want them to end up with the RIGHT professional (you) in the end.
  • Email/Letter Responding to a Refund Request
    Send this email to encourage feedback from your customer, and to offer an exchange in lieu of a refund. You’ll keep the money in your account AND have a happy customer for life.
  • Email to Send When a Sales Call Goes Bad
    Send this email when you feel a sales or discovery call was awkward or non-productive. This is a graceful way to help your client to come back and work with you, even if they feel embarrassed.


Bonus #3: 70 Plug ‘N Play Marketing Autoresponder Emails ($49 value)

This swipe file of fill-in-the-blank autoresponder emails can be pulled out and used whenever you have a new freebie/paid solution whose leads/clients need some nurturing and following up.

Here Are The 7 AutoResponder Marketing Series You Can Choose From to Follow Up With:

  • People who signed up for your free report
  • People who bought your ebook
  • People who downloaded your software
  • People who joined your membership site
  • People who signed up for your newsletter
  • People who bought your product
  • People who joined your affiliate program

Just customize them, plug them into your autoresponder program, and you’re all set to grow a vibrant community of raving fans!


Bonus #4: Tammi’s Power Resource Guide ($49 value)

Over the years, I’ve acquired quite a collection of top resources to help you market your business online. Just having this resource toolkit at your disposal can save you hours of time searching for the right tools to help you grow your biz, plus I’ve used (and highly recommend) each resource myself so it’s kind of like having a trusted friend at your side, showing you the best tools to get the job(s) done.

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