[Passive Income Day 2] How to Choose an Irresistible Topic for Your List-Building Free Report

the #1 way to turn website browsers into buyers…

…drum roll please…

…is to offer them a low-risk (or, even better, no-risk) way to try out your goods.

You know that, right?

It’s why you can go into your favorite ice cream shop and ask for a taste of any flavor. And why folks will stand outside of restaurants offering little bites to tantalize your senses.

They’re not doing it out of the niceness of their hearts. Nope, they know that if you like chocolate ice cream (or Chinese food, or whatever is being offered), and you have a chance to taste it before you buy, suddenly all the risk is taken off your shoulders.

All those nagging questions of, “Will I like this?” Or “Is the quality good?” Or “Is this right for me?” are answered.

And you feel comfortable and confident putting your money into that product.
It’s the same thing with your website visitors. They’re browsing your website because they’re interested in what you have to offer (or they likely wouldn’t have found their way to your site :)), but if the only way to work with you is to invest $1000s into your products or services, sight unseen, when they have no idea if it will work for them or if you’ll deliver what you say you will…the chances they’ll open their wallets is slim to none.

First you have to extend that “free taste,” in the form of a free report, CD, DVD, etc. that lets them test drive your products and services to see if they’re right for them.

Maybe you already know this. Maybe you already have a free taste but no one’s biting.

There is one other component to this idea. You have to offer them the right free taste. If you went into the ice cream shop, they likely wouldn’t offer you a bite of an ice cream cone, right? Because most ice cream cones taste the same. It’s the ice cream you want to taste.

Same with your prospects. So you have to make sure you’re offering them something that will get them all hopped up in excitement to buy your products and services.
“But how on earth do I DO that, Tammi?” 

Great question. 🙂 You do it by choosing a super hot topic that is irresistible to your ideal clients. Let’s talk about that for a moment, shall we?
There are 3 ways to go about choosing an irresistible topic.

Method 1: Identify the underlying problem that you solve with your products and services. 
You may think that you offer, say, career coaching, but that’s just the vehicle. You actually offer help in finding a person’s dream job. You offer hope for a more exciting future. You offer better interviewing skills. You offer people a better shot at getting noticed by hiring managers. And the list goes on.

Spend a few minutes really diving deep into what people get through working with you. How will their lives change? What transformations do they stand to experience in their business/relationships/golf game/whatever you help with?

Write them all down and then look them over to see which seem to be the most common, or which will reach the most people.

Method 2: Choose ONE goal or challenge your clients have.

You might help folks in 15 different ways, but you should start with ONE. I call it their “gateway problem.” Otherwise, your message will be too diluted to have any real impact. Consider this example: If you were facing a messy divorce and stumbled across a lawyer’s website that offered a free report called, “How to Hire a Lawyer,” would you download it? Hm, maybe. But if the report was called, “5 Ways to Survive Divorce With Your Bank Account – and Your Sanity – Intact,” would you download that? Most likely.

In copywriting terms, this is called the power of one. One challenge. One solution. One focus.

There really IS power in one.

So. Think about this: What challenge are most folks who come to you struggling with? What one main goal do they have in common?

As an example, I help people with all kinds of different copywriting projects, but I found that most folks came to me for help with their website copy, so now I focus most of my attention there to start with. My giveaways and entry-level products revolve around writing website copy, and once people are in my world I can start talking to them about the other types of marketing copy I can help them write.

But the key is to start with that one key focus to draw folks in and then expand once they’re on your newsletter list or in your customer database.
So, what is YOUR one thing? What’s the one thing that the majority of people come to you for help solving? What’s the one main goal that the majority of people you serve want to reach? For a business coach, that might be helping business owners earn 6 figures. Or 7 figures. Whatever the case, there’s power in specificity.

Write your one thing down. Play around with it. Own it.

At least for now. If it doesn’t strike a chord with your clients, you can always try again with another angle until you find a winner. But the important thing is to get started.

The key is to focus in on that ONE thing and you’ll be on your way to your own pot o’ gold. 🙂

Method 3: Survey your prospects. 

If you’re new in business or are just struggling to find that common ground that will entice the most possible prospects to join your mailing list, the best thing to do is ASK them. Find out what they want to learn. What they want to accomplish.

What they want to get away from.

This doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as sending an email to your current database (if you have one) or posting a question to an online networking forum you belong to. Just ask people what is the #1 challenge they face in regard to [insert your business here]. You can give them a few examples if you’d like (which might help you get more responses as it makes it easier on your prospects), or just leave it open for them to share their thoughts.

For a career coach, your survey might say, “What is the #1 challenge you face when trying to enhance your career? Do you struggle with: identifying your dream job; getting interviews; feeling more comfortable in interviews; following up with hiring managers; getting picked for promotions; or something else entirely? Please share your thoughts and in return I’ll prepare a training on the most popular topic. You’ll get a copy free of charge, as my thanks for taking the time to answer.”

Put your survey out there with the promise to share good information in return and you’re sure to get some good feedback from your ideal peeps.



Okay, that about wraps up day two of our passive income challenge.

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