On Burnout, Overwhelm, and the Beauty of Keeping Things Simple

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Years ago, I used to believe that complicated was better. I thought that if things were too simple, that it was somehow cheating.


So I applied this thinking to my business. I figured I had to discover some kind of secret, complex method of marketing my business and getting clients to really be successful in my own right. ‘Cuz if I just followed proven methods given to me by others, it didn’t really count. Did it?


Not to mention that if I wanted to teach others how to market themselves and get clients, they wouldn’t be willing to pay for simple. Or they’d pay for it, only to be disappointed. Maybe spread the word that I was a fraud, because I was sharing things that were so simple they should be common sense.


But that’s where the wrinkle in my reasoning lay, just waiting to trip me up. Because what was simple for me, as someone who was a regular student of “this marketing thing,” might be completely new and groundbreaking for someone who didn’t spend their entire days digging into marketing tactics.


And, what I came to find out is that people appreciate simple. While I was looking for some complex formula, most others just wanted the quick, easy, proven fix to what ailed them.


The first time I stumbled across this concept was shortly after I invested in a (gulp) $10,000 coaching program to help me grow my business. I was so excited to learn the secrets to riches from such a successful mentor who was already earning millions in her business.


And I came to the first class expecting something groundbreaking. What I found instead was so simple, it almost didn’t seem real.


Instead of learning complicated marketing systems, we were told to pick our 3 fastest paths to cash and focus all of our time and attention on those. (And no, spending months creating a complicated new coaching program from scratch or writing a 300-page novel did NOT count as a fast path to cash.)


I spent some time teaching on this very subject in my recent Write Your Website Workshop. In the follow-up module, we talked about driving traffic to registrants’ new and improved websites. And while I shared 30+ ways for people to drive traffic to their website, I encouraged them not to try to focus on them all, which would only end up overwhelming them.


See, what happens is that many of us have an “all or nothing” approach to things in our lives. If we’re on a diet and end up sneaking a slice of cake one night or miss a workout one morning, we figure the whole thing is blown and we might as well throw in the towel (been there, done that!). If we’re trying to grow our business and don’t have 12+ hours each days to put in, then what’s the point?


That was my thinking too, early on. I wanted it all, and I wanted it NOW. I’ve since learned that when you spend targeted time on the RIGHT things, you can actually work less for the same results. Case in point: I’ve recently cut my hours to spend more time with my family, and my income has actually increased. Yep, true story. All because I’ve stopped allowing myself to run the proverbial hamster wheel and focused instead on 2-3 key tasks each day to move my business forward at a steady pace.


Like creating a killer website, with copy that is compelling and persuasive, and then focusing on targeted tasks to drive interested prospects back to my website, which will then do the heavy lifting of moving those prospects into my free gift (and therefore my newsletter list) and paid products/services.


I encourage you too to simplify your biz by picking 2-3 income-generating activities to focus on each day/week and avoid the overwhelm and burnout that tends to run rampant in overworked small business owners.


Parting thoughts:


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