Not So Risky Business

I’m sure you’ve seen the famous scene of Tom Cruise rockin’ and rollin’ in Risky Business? Well, we had a little risky business goin’ on in our house this weekend, and I thought I’d share for a quick Monday laugh. Hope you enjoy!

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Tammi Metzler, founder of The Write Associate, is a self-professed “word geek.” Her greatest joy is in playing with words all day to find just the right combination to get folks all fired up. In the daytime hours, this means writing online marketing copy that grabs the attention and interest of readers so that they “get” the awesomeness of the product/service in question and think “I gotta get me some of that!” After hours this often means finding just the right words to get the response she’s looking for from her husband and/or 6-year-old daughter (grin). She offers tons of resources about creating compelling marketing copy that excites & engages your ideal clients on her blog at


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