My quiz results

Fantastic – let’s find out how well your website scored! Be sure to read all the way to the end to get your final diagnosis.

Question 1: On average, how many new or prospective clients come to you through your website each month (by requesting a consult, using your contact form, etc.)?

If you answered “tons”: Awesome! Sounds like your website is working like a charm. 🙂

If you answered “a handful”: You’re on the right path, my friend, but it seems like your website is a bit hit or miss, most likely because there’s a disconnect somewhere in your messaging. Perhaps you’re not quite getting to the heart of WHY your ideal peeps would hire you over someone else, or maybe you’re just speaking to the wrong folks. It happens to the best of us from time to time. The best way to get past this hurdle is to speak with an objective pro who can take a look at your website, identify the weak spots, and show you exactly what to change to begin connecting with more clients online.  

If you answered “none”: It’s not too late to turn things around! Your next step is to dive deep into uncovering the marketing message that’s going to hit home with your ideal clients, so that they’re coming to YOU instead of you chasing them down (I can almost hear your sigh of relief!). Here’s one question to ask yourself right now to get the ball rolling: What do my clients REALLY want? (Hint: it’s NOT massage therapy, or the process you use to serve them, but rather the relaxed muscles, relieved tension, or whatever results you help folks achieve.)


Question 2: Does your home page have a specific goal?

If you answered “yes”: Great! Having a goal for your web page is the first step to increasing conversions – so that more of your visitors are following your lead and taking specific action to work with you.

If you answered “no” or “I don’t know”: Chances are, your web pages don’t have a clear focus…which means your website visitors don’t know what they’re s’posed to do next. (‘Cuz really, if you don’t know what you want website visitors to do, how will they know what action they’re supposed to take? Food for thought. :)) This presents a major roadblock to using your website to connect you with interested leads and paying clients. To fix this: Decide on one action you want people to take, and then invite them to take it. Simple? Yes. Effective? You betcha!


Question 3: Does your home page include an Irresistible Offer that your visitors are hungry for?

If you answered “yes”: Woo-hoo! An irresistible offer can essentially “seal the deal” for your visitors – giving them that final push to join your newsletter list, request your consultations, or buy your programs and services!

If you answered “no”: Uh-oh. Without an irresistible offer, it’s just too easy for website visitors to put your offerings on the back burner. This means that even if they are interested in your products and services, there’s an overwhelming chance they’ll file it away for “later” (and unfortunately, “later” almost always means “never!”). You want offers that the right visitors can’t possibly say “no” to.

If you answered “I don’t know”: Ask yourself this: do YOU find your offers irresistible? If you were to see them on someone else’s website, would they instantly grab your attention? If not, there’s your answer: your offers aren’t irresistible (yet). To begin finding a remedy for this problem, think about the transformation you help people achieve…and then make those the focus of your irresistible offers.


Question 4: Does your home page have a compelling headline placed where visitors can immediately see it?

If you answered “yes”: Way to go! A compelling headline placed front and center on your Home page is quite possibly the most important element on your website. You’re way ahead of the game!

If you answered “no”: You’re not alone. The vast majority of websites don’t have a compelling headline on their Home page, and that’s a big reason why visitors don’t stick around long enough to take you up on your offers. (Hint: splashing the word “Welcome” in big letters across your home page doesn’t count! It’s gotta be based on a need or desire that your clients want to solve or achieve!)

If you answered “I don’t know”: I assume that you HAVE a headline but just don’t know how compelling it is; one way to find out is to contact someone in your target audience (a friend, client, or peer, perhaps) and ask them to visit your Home page. Then, without saying anything else, gauge their reaction. Are they excited by what it says? Are they drawn into the rest of your message? Or do they skim over the headline and then click off to other pages? Their reaction can give you big clues as to how well your headline is working (or NOT working).


Question 5: Do clients come to you pre-sold on the idea of working with you?

If you answered “yes”: Way to go, homegirl (or homeboy :))! Your copy is obviously spot-on. Keep rockin’ it!

If you answered “no”: Well, that’s no good! Of course, your website isn’t going to convince every single visitor that your products and services are the best thing since sliced bread, but it should be working to draw those folks who are in the market for someone with your talents to go ahead and contact YOU for more info. (Plus, a well-written website can actually work to turn away the folks who just aren’t a good fit for you, leaving only those ideal people that YOU have chosen to work with. That’s a quick way to build a business you LOVE, full of clients you can hardly wait to serve, day after day.)

If you answered “I don’t know”: There’s an easy way to figure out whether your website is working to pre-sell clients: do people who visit your website and contact you for a consultation know what you do, or how to get started working with you? Then your websitee is doin’ its job. If not (or if folks aren’t contacting you through your website to ask about your services), then something is amiss, my friend.


Final diagnosis:

If you answered “no” or “I don’t know” to 3 or more questions, it seems like your website could use a little help in the irresistibility department. If you’d like to find out how we can work together to re-write your website’s home page in a way that draws clients in, we have a new budget-friendly service called the “Home Page Makeover Action Plan”, which comes complete with fill-in-the-blanks templates for an irresistible home page; a one-on-one phone chat with yours truly where we’ll roll our sleeves up and walk, together, through the steps of writing irresistible home page copy that’s unique to YOUR biz and your clients; and a written critique of your completed copy once you put the pieces in place, so you can publish your new copy with confidence. Click here to learn more!