Is Your Website Suffering from Lack of Gotta-Have-It-Ism?

I see it all the time.


Business owners are overflowing with passion about their business, but they just can’t explain to prospective clients what on earth they do.


I can’t even tell you how many times I come across an entrepreneur who clearly wants to serve others, and has this intense calling to make a difference in the world…and they KNOW they could be (should be!) serving so many more people…if only they knew how to communicate their message.


Because that’s the real kicker. You can have the best new product or service since sliced bread, but it doesn’t do you OR your clients any good if no one knows what the heck it is, what it does, or that it even exists.


And that’s exactly what a strong marketing message does. It tells people – YOUR people – why your offerings are the solution to their deepest, most painful needs.


It explains why YOU (and only you) are the person who can help them solve their problems and/or achieve their wildest dreams.


But instead of getting the right readers excited to work with you, all too often, web copy does the exact opposite: either boring visitors to the point to the dreaded click-away (that is, they don’t find what they’re looking for and end up leaving your website within minutes – or seconds) or leaving them entirely indifferent – which is just as bad.


Because if your web copy doesn’t instill a nagging sense of gotta-have-it-ism in visitors (as in, “Wow, I gotta have a copy of that free report!” or “Holy cow – I gotta have this person’s coaching program; it’s exactly what I’ve been searching for!”), chances are high that you’ll barely register a blip on that reader’s radar.


So while they may like what they see, they may put your products and services on the back burner for “someday”…and then you’re toast. Because here’s what happens when your business gets filed in their “someday” file: either

A) someday never comes along in the course of their busy lives;
B) someone else who does what you do comes along with a better offer at just the right time and immediately earns their business (instead of you!); or
C) “someday” does show up, sometime down the road…only now they cannot seem to find your information – they forgot to bookmark your website, or couldn’t remember your business name or website URL if their life depended on it (“Who was that nearby cleaning service with the 1-day service,” they wonder, “Was it Handy Cleaners? Cleaners at Hand? What the heck were they called?”).


Whatever the case, you’ve lost a customer…along with potential revenues…potential referrals from happy clients…all because your website didn’t draw them in.


Here are a few tips to tell if your website is lacking Gotta-Have-It-Ism:

1) You’re getting a lot of compliments…but no sales. You don’t get it. People rave about your website, how great it looks, how slick the navigation is…but at the end of the day, no one’s buying. Your online cash register is painfully silent, delivering no notifications of product sales (or money delivered into your bank account).

2) Website visitors are not doing anything. Sure, you’re getting some traffic – whether it’s a trickle or a flood doesn’t really matter – the fact is that people aren’t just not buying your stuff – they’re not taking any action. They’re not downloading your freebie, joining your newsletter list, requesting a consultation, etc. They’re frustratingly quiet, slipping into your website, taking a quick look around, and then slipping out again unnoticed…taking with them any chance that they’ll become a paying client.


And a solution to infuse your website with irresistibility:

If your self-assessment shows a serious lack of Gotta-Have-It-Ism in your website, your web copy needs a makeover, stat! The Instant Web Copy Generator was designed just for coaches, consultants, and other service-based entrepreneurs looking to leverage their marketing efforts so they can connect with more of their ideal clients. You can learn more by visiting


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