Is Your Web Copy In the “Danger Zone”?

Sure, it sounds exciting.

The Danger Zone.

But when it comes to your web copy, danger is the last thing you want. In fact, your web copy has a specific job to do: entice readers to stay on the page and, ultimately, take some form of action. What you want them to do may vary from page to page, but the point is that each page on your website should be strategically written to lead readers naturally to the relief they seek.

But sometimes your web copy doesn’t do that. And, in fact, it may actually be sending readers – and your potential clients – away without getting the help they need (which also means you’re not connecting with the clients you LOVE to work with).

Over the past 4 years, I’ve reviewed 100s of websites, each owned by a coach, consultant, or other service-based entrepreneur. And the vast majority of them have 1, 2, or all 3 of the most common hidden dangers that, if left uncorrected, can kill any chance your website has of being used as it should: as a tool to help you connect with hot leads and paying clients.

Web Copy Hidden Danger #1: It’s Not Stopping Them Dead in Their Tracks

First and foremost, before you can hope to move readers into action, you’ve gotta get them to stop and pay attention. Because if they don’t even bother to read those words you spent all that time and energy, sweating over your keyboard, to write, then your website has no chance of drawing them in and getting them excited to work with you. The very first thing readers should see, when they land on your home page, is an attention-grabbing headline that stops them in their tracks so that they feel compelled to drop everything and read the rest of your copy.

Self-assessment tip: To find out if your website is grabbing their attention, ask a trusted friend or colleague to visit your website and see how they react. If they mindlessly click through your pages, without stopping to actually read your content, that’s a surefire sign that your web copy isn’t doing its job!

Web Copy Hidden Danger #2: It’s Talking AT Them, Not TO Them

Another common challenge many business owners face is that they write their web copy from their OWN perspective – it IS human nature, after all. J But it causes a disconnect when your customers come to your website with THEIR own perspective – and the two often don’t match up. So while you might be talking about transforming their lives, all they’re thinking about is how much they hate their job or how miserable they are in their marriage. And while YOU know that a life transformation is just what they need to get back on track to happy, they may not make that connection. It’s the job of your web copy to help them understand how what you do will impact their life.

Self-assessment tip: Have that same friend or colleague visit your website, give them a minute to look around, and then ask them to tell you what you do for people. If they don’t know, or fumble for the answer, chances are you’ve stumbled on the reason why your website isn’t attracting clients into your business.

Web Copy Hidden Danger #3: You’re Talking to Everyone

Another challenge I see on many business websites is a general vagueness. There’s all this talk about “relieving stress” and “changing your life”, improving health…the list could go on and on. It’s all very general. And when you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one.

Case in point: “stress relief” for executive-level professionals looks very different from stress relief for stay-at-home moms of young children. And when you know who you’re talking to, you can hone in on the motivations that will cause them to call you for a consultation, join your newsletter list, or buy your products and services.

Self-assessment tip: Take a moment to think about your ideal clients. Turn off your phone, close your eyes (and your office door, if applicable) and try to picture them in your mind. What are they doing? What are they concerned about? What do they want in their life? Only when you truly know what they need (not just what they want) can you really use your website to motivate them to action.

Want to begin using your website to connect with more paying clients?

If you’ve gone through the self-assessments and found your website lacking in one (or all three!) areas, it’s time for an overhaul. And we’re getting it done in a day in this week’s Write Your Website In a Day Workshop, complete with step-by-step training in a live virtual environment (meaning we meet by phone/webcast, so you can join in from your home or office anywhere in the world), in-depth Q&A sessions, all the samples and templates you need to make your writing a breeze, breakout writing sessions, and customized copy feedback, all structured to move you through the process smoothly so that you end the day with ready-to-publish web copy in hand. No more procrastinating, no more wishing you could just get it done, already…it’s your chance to walk away with completed copy that is designed to engage your website visitors and move them to decisive action. It starts Thursday, and registration is limited. Reserve your spot today at


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