Is FEAR Holding You Back from Growing Your Biz?

A while back, I sat down to write an article in which I poured out my heart about my worries on writing newsletter articles for fear of the dreaded unsubscribes. With nearly every email I send, there’s some degree of fear that a whole bunch of my readers will jump ship (a.k.a. unsubscribe). I get an email notification of every single unsubscribe (the jury’s still out on whether that email notification is a good thing or not :)), and I always wonder what made that person decide to jump off my list. I worry that I did something wrong. That I said the wrong thing, or that I’m not being of enough service to make them feel valued and appreciated.

And it used to be, once upon a time, that I let that fear of unsubscribes stop me from reaching out to the people on my newsletter list at all with information and offers that might (gasp) sell them something (never mind if it’s something they honestly want or need).

Seems I’m not the only one. After the aforementioned article, I got many comments back, both on the blog post itself and in email replies, from people confessing that they too have held back from marketing – at least in part – out of fear that they’ll say the wrong thing, tick a bunch of people off, and end up with a fistful of unsubscribes.

And that fear is stopping biz owners like you from connecting with the people who won’t get upset but who are actively (and sometimes desperately) searching for the very solutions you have to offer.

So in the quest to not “bug” readers, we’re actually leaving the ones who need our help hurting.

Quite a predicament, wouldn’t you say?

Here are some common thoughts that often run through our minds when we’re sitting down to write our marketing:
•         What will readers think of this? Will they think I’m crazy? Too harsh? Not harsh enough?
•         Will they disagree with me and/or think less of me because of what I say?
•         Will they discover I’m NOT really so great?

(That last one’s a doozy…the oh-so-prevalent “Imposter Syndrome” can leave even the most accomplished of us questioning our worth.)

Here are a few ways to get past the fear and get on with serving the clients who need you:

1) Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen if I DO send this email/promote this teleseminar/etc.?” Chances are, the worst thing is that you may get a few unsubscribes from the email, a few no-shows for a teleseminar, and at worst a nasty email from someone who is ticked off that you’re (heaven forbid) trying to earn a living from your talents and gifts (even if those same talents and gifts are beneficial to them).

2) Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen if I DON’T send this email/promote this teleseminar/etc.?” On the flip side, letting your fear stop you from reaching out has its own set of possible repercussions. Like a) the people who most need you won’t know or remember that you’re there to help them get past their pain, and b) because you’re not connecting with clients, your business sits at a stalemate, you might find yourself in a position of being unable to pay your bills, unable to buy the things you want/need to buy for yourself and your family, potentially finding yourself having to go back to a JOB (blech), and the list goes on.

3) Remind yourself that every person who doesn’t stay in your newsletter community/join your teleseminar/etc. is leaving a space open for someone who is a better fit for you and your business. As part of a high-level group mastermind program, an old mentor told us that instead of striving to get people to say “yes” to our programs, products, etc., we should set a goal to get as many “no” answers as possible. Because “no” means “next”…as in, moving right along to the next potential client who may experience life-changing transformations thanks to your help! 🙂

The bottom line is that as marketers of our own biz, we have to put ourselves out there, and sometimes that’s scary. We’re going to get scrutinized and criticized; it’s all part of this amazing journey we’re on in the quest for entrepreneurial freedom. But to let that fear stop us from moving forward is to let fear win. And I don’t know about you, but I didn’t risk as much as we do starting our own biz to let fear stop me from connecting with clients, spreading my message, and making all my dreams come true.

Okay, your turn to ‘fess up…is fear holding YOU back from marketing and reaching your true potential in your biz? And whatcha gonna do to stop it dead in its tracks? Leave your thoughts and comments below, please!


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