Is Copy Dead?

For years, business owners have been relying on great copy in their advertisements – both offline and, more recently, online – to connect with paying customers. However, as business is increasingly going digital, and graphics are becoming more and more interactive, the question is raised: is copy dead?

Is it still important, or going the way of the dinosaur in favor of flashy graphics and eye-catching images? I believe that great marketing copy is not – nor will it ever become – extinct. In fact, it’s more important now than ever! And here are three reasons why:

1) Pictures can lack specificity. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge graphics their rightful spot in marketing. They’re terrific for grabbing attention, and can be combined with the right copy to create amazing results. But with pictures alone, it can be tough to really, truly target your audience. ‘Cuz if you’re a health coach, let’s say, and your target audience is working mothers with two jobs, three kids, and not enough time to cook healthy meals, it’s going to be hard to convey that all in a picture. Not impossible, mind you, but MUCH more difficult that a paragraph or a few bullet points of well-written copy.

2) Images can never tell the whole story.
Can you imagine a sales page with nothing but a few strategic images or flashy graphics? Readers wouldn’t be able to learn enough about the product to make a buying decision! Sure, you may get some responses, but most people want to know exactly what the product is…what it does…what is costs. You know, those pesky little details that often cross your mind before you spend your hard-earned moolah.

3) A picture doesn’t inspire the “right” action.
People may spot a cool picture, say in a Facebook ad, that might catch their eye, and if it’s intriguing enough they may click on the picture and find themselves whisked off to your Facebook page or website. Once there, however, you have to work much harder to get them to take specific action…such as “likingyour page or joining your newsletter. Would be hard-pressed to get them to do either of those with just a picture, folks…there has to be something more, some compelling copy that tells them why they should connect with you.

My point is that images can be very impactful, and certainly eye-catching when used well…as part of your marketing strategy. So go ahead and find the perfect image for your marketing…just be sure to couple it with amazing copy for maximum results.

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