[Irresistible Website Day 3] Key Tool to Turn Website Visitors into Subscribers

If you’ve been following the Irresistible Website e-course these past few days, you already know how to Write One Simple Sentence that Will Captivate Your WebsiteVisitors and how to Choose an Irresistible Topic for Your List-Building Free Report.

Many of you have also taken advantage of the $29 super sale on our Become a Client Magnet program that allows you to listen in as 8 experts (including yours truly :)) reveal the secrets of becoming irresistible to your ideal clients and the Instant List-Building Freebie Template (also $29 for a limited time) that comes with everything you need to write an awesome free report to entice your ideal peeps to join your mailing list.

Today’s Irresistible Website training dives deeper into building a list, the first and possible most crucial component of a passive income revenue stream.

(As they say, the money is in the list! To the tune of being able to expect monthly revenues of anywhere between $.50 to a whopping $4 for every subscriber on your mailing list. The average is $1/subscriber. As in, if you have 1000 subscribers, you can expect to earn $1000/month from your promotional campaigns. If you have 10,000 subscribers…well, I think you can do the math. :))

But to grow a list, you need one very important element: a well-written opt-in page that convinces your ideal peeps to hand over their contact info in exchange for your goodies.

To help you get it done, I shot a quick video revealing the 13-point checklist for a super successful opt-in page. Watch as I break down one of my highest-converting opt-in pages and show you exactly what goes into opt-in pages that turn browsers into leads on your mailing list.

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PS: Today’s video reveals how I was able to fill my newsletter list with 302 teleseminar attendees, 1072 potential clients for my services, 438 free report downloads, and 42 free consult requests – all in a matter of a few weeks (or even a few days in some cases). There’s no cost, no opt-in, just a free gift with my thanks for being part of my community. 🙂 Watch it here.

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