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Congratulations on taking this all-important step towards creating compelling website copy!

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First things first: click here to access your Grow Your List Fast bonus goody!

And here’s your Instant Web Copy program:

Step 1: Write your home page

Choose your industry (or the one that most closely matches) from this swipe file of use-as-you-wish Home page templates:

ADHD/Anxiety Coach

Branding Expert

Business Coach/Consultant

Career Coach

Energy Healer/Reiki Master

Financial Planner

Life Coach

Marketing Coach/Consultant

Money/Financial Coach

Nutritionist/Wellness Coach

Relationship Coach

Virtual Assistant

Customize your home page

Faster option: Customize the web copy for your business and publish to your website, OR

Longer but more effective option: Click here to listen as I explain what goes into an effective home page.

Click here to download your Home Page Action Plan and Get it Done Guide.

Step 2: Create your Services page

Problem-Solving Services Page audio

Click here to download your Services Page Action Plan and Get it Done Guide.

Here are a few Services page samples to be used as inspiration to spark ideas for your own Services page:

Click here to download Sample 1: Home-based business opportunity

Click here to download Sample 2: Hypnotherapy services (1 service package/page)

Click here to download Sample 3: Health coaching services (1 service package/page)

Click here to download Sample 4: Relationship coaching program (1 service package/page)

Click here to download Sample 5: Web design services (multiple service packages/page)

Step 3: Create your About page

Trust-Building About Page audio

Click here to download your About Page Action Plan and Get it Done Guide.

And here are a few samples to help you get the wheels turning (please note that these are copyright-protected and cannot be used as is, only as an inspiration for ideas):

Weight Loss Coach: Story Format

Wellness Coach: Story Format

Copywriter: Q&A Format

Leadership Coach: Q&A Format

Step 4: Review your extra bonus goodies

Bonus #1: The Psychology of Sales Training

Find out how to form the best strategy for web copy that sells your products and services!

Module 1: Read Their Minds

Module 2: Command Their Attention

Module 3: Become Their Expert

Module 4: Share Their Pain

Module 5: Inspire Action

Bonus #2: Get Website Traffic

Browse through your Website Traffic Explosion Toolkit below:

Huge Web Traffic ebook

Drive Them Home audio recording

Bonus #3: Monetize Your Website

Click here to listen to the bonus training module to help you Monetize Your Website.

Bonus #4: 30-Day “Flood of Traffic” roadmap

Click here to download now.

Bonus #5: 261 Power Words

261 Power Words to Sell Your Products and Services cheat sheet

Headlines and Power Words Audio (to help you discover how to best use your 261 Power Words)

Bonus #7: WordPress website templates

Click here to browse available templates. (Link includes video instructions and a selection of ready-to-use templates for anyone who wants to throw up a WordPress website – and quickly launch their online presence.)

Hidden Bonus: Email templates:

Prospect follow-up email

Past client re-energizer

Consultation request follow-up

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