Finally, You Too Can Quickly Write Online Sales Letters that Fill Your Group Programs, Sell Your Passive Income Products, and Even Enroll Dream Clients into Your Service Packages and High-End Coaching Programs 24/7…Even if You Hate to Write or
Have No Idea WHAT to Say!

From the desk of:

Tammi Metzler
Chief Wordsmith ~ The Write Associate

Dear Savvy Biz Owner,

If you've ever wanted to fill your group programs, bring in $100s or even $1000s in passive income each month, or sell your one-on-one services without spending hours on the phone in free consults, then this will be the most exciting letter you've ever read. 

Because by the time you're finished reading this page, you'll know exactly how you can quickly pen sales letters that will allow you to draw dozens, 100s, or 1000s of paying clients into your business around the clock, literally while you work, play, or sleep. I know, I know, sounds cliche but it's sooo true.

I know you can get clients while you sleep because I've lived it.

I used to be the one spending hours on phone consults to sell my one-on-one time. And that's fine for some folks but I stunk at it. Really, truly, horrible.


At one point I was busting my rump to host about a dozen of these free consults (a.k.a. sales calls) each week, spending 30-45 minutes on each call and lucky to turn even one into a paying client. I tried every trick in the book, reading book after book on sales techniques and investing in pricey training courses to learn the secrets of conversion.


Nothing worked.


Until one day I said to myself, "Tammi, you're being kind of silly. Why spend all of this time talking to folks who might be interested in your services when you COULD save your time for those clients who have already signed on the dotted line and committed to working with you?"


Once I stopped talking to myself (*grin*), I realized that I was onto something.


I realized that no matter how hard I try, I am not one of those savvy folks who can sell ice to eskimos. More power to 'em, it just ain't me.


I realized that there was a better way to use my time. Instead of cramming 6-9 hours every single week hosting disappointing sales calls (and that doesn't even include all the time spent finding prospects, setting up the conversations, and following're talking 20 hours per week just in sales conversations!), why not spend a day or so writing a sales page and letting the folks who get it (and who are head over heels excited to work with me) come to me, check in hand?


So that's exactly what I did.


And my whole world changed when I started putting sales pages to work attracting clients around the clock.


Flash forward a coupla years, and now my sales pages do all the work for me, getting folks excited to take that next step into a client relationship.


It's like having a sales team out there working for you, 24/7...for free. Sales pages don't ask for commission (other than a measly web hosting fee that often runs $10/month or matter how many sales pages you have). They're like the perfect sales force, out there pitching your products, programs, and services 24/7, and funneling cash from excited clients directly into your bank account. So that you can exchange your genius for the revenues you want (and deserve!).


Which is pretty darn exciting if you think about it. Instead of chasing after folks and trying to hard sell them during phone conversations (a rather intimidating task if you're shy like me), you can send them to a sales page and let them sell themselves on working with you.


It doesn't get much better than that!


And sales pages can be used for selling dang near anything.


I've written one sales page that has enrolled 100s of clients into my signature group program that I host twice each year.


I've written other sales pages that sold (and, actually, continue to sell) $1000s in passive income in any given month.


I've even written sales pages to enroll clients into my one-on-one services.


So I can continuously connect with paying clients...


All without ever picking up a phone.


And remember how I said I was spending 6-9 hours per week on sales calls just to get 1 client (if I was lucky)?


Nowadays, when I send folks to my sales pages, I can expect roughly 12-15 out of every 100 visitors to invest in the product/program/service.


In fact, just a few months back, one of my promotions brought 374 targeted prospects to a particular sales page as you can see here: 

Out of those 374 visitors, 48 lovely folks bought the product, which = a conversion rate of 12.83%.

And considering that "average" conversion rates hover closer to 2-3%, according to many marketing "gurus" and as illustrated in the nifty graph below created by online advertising specialists, getting over 12% conversions is pretty flipping cool if I do say so myself. :)

(On a side note, my 6-year-old, unicorn-loving daughter thought it was pretty awesome when I told her mommy was sort of like a unicorn at work. :))


I don't say this to brag or talk myself up. I certainly wasn't born knowing how to write sales copy that converts. It's a skill I've spent the past 7+ years of my life (along with $1000s out of my pocket) studying.


Which is good news cuz it means that it's okay if YOU weren't born with the money-making, unicorn-level copywriting gene either. *grin*


Because I'm about to let you in on a resource that doesn't just make money but can save you boatloads of time too.


It's true: having the tools at your fingertips to write awesome, money-making, client-attracting sales pages is pretty cool.


Save tons of time - in my humble opinion - is even better.


Cuz I wasn't content to just get lots of clients with my sales pages (as if that's not enough! Ha).


I wanted a resource that would help to take away the hours spent staring at that blank screen, not sure where to start with each sales page.


If you're like me, you started your business to fuel your life. So you can spend more time doing the things that fill you up with joy.


And to be honest, spending 10-12 hours on a sales page isn't bad when you think of all the time it can save you in the long run. Time spent looking for prospects, setting up sales calls, hosting sales calls, following up.


BUT (and this is a BIG but...), like most of us, my time is limited. Between my business, 2 kids, a husband, 4 pets, friends and family, a voracious love of reading, and, of course, sleep, those 24 hours we all get each day get eaten up in no time (pun intended :)).


So I decided I needed to shortcut my time attracting clients (and getting paid :)) even more.


Cuz I was hiding a dirty little secret...


See, even as one who makes her living writing marketing copy, there are times when the writing, it don't come easy. (But shhh! Don't tell anyone! ;))


Times when I catch myself staring at the blank page on my computer screen, just willing some magical, knock-their-socks-off words to come tumbling out.


Sometimes I'm in the flow, and the words just appear.


More often than not, my magical copy fairy is nowhere to be found (can you relate? :)).


For just those times, I created a template from some of my best sales pages, along with the copywriting and marketing know-how I've spent the past 7 years of my life studying, implementing, and perfecting.


And after 7 years of hearing from people just like you who struggle with knowing exactly what to write in your online marketing copy to get your clients all fired up to buy your stuff, it hit me.


Why not share this shortcut with the world and let everyone get a piece of the pie?


I decided it was about time to make all of my hours of research, my own trials and errors, along with the top resources I spent $1000s of my own cash uncovering, readily available to others who want to:

  • Be able to whip out a super simple (yet uber-powerful), fill-in-the-blanks sales page template anytime you want to sell a product, service, or program online
  • Shortcut through months or even years of frustration trying to sell products and programs from a not-so-great sales page (and hearing crickets from visitors)
  • Get your hands on everything you need to quickly write sales pages that get customers excited to say yes to your goodies
  • Save entire days, weeks, or even months on your sales page-writing project
  • Save $1000s in professional copywriting fees by getting the tools to write your own high-converting sales page


So that other busy biz owners like you can get your hot little hands on the high-converting sales page template that is chock full of all the best nuggets of copywriting info that yours truly spent years studying and implementing and perfecting.


The very same template that helped me reach unicorn-like 12.83% conversions. :)


Introducing the Instant Money-Making Sales Page Copy Template: The Entrepreneur's Fill-in-the-Blanks Template for Writing Sales Pages that Sell Your Products, Programs & Services Like Hotcakes! 

Now you can get instant access to professionally-written sales page copy and have it customized and published online in a fraction of the time you'd spend writing it from scratch, leaving you with an irresistible sales page that connects you with paying clients around the clock!

Get it done with all the copy-and-paste templates and step-by-step examples you need to help you put the pieces in place for selling your products, programs and services even while you eat, sleep, pray, vacation, or do whatever else your heart desires. :)


Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside the Instant Sales Page Copy Template Package:

  • A fill-in-the-blanks template that makes writing your sales pages a breeze (just plug your info into the provided blanks and you're good to go!)
  • Step-by-step audio instructions to walk you through customizing the template to make your sales page unique to your business and even more irresistible to YOUR ideal clients
  • An Action Plan & Get it Done Guide that walks you step-by-step through the process of customizing your sales page template
  • A 10-point copywriting questionnaire that asks simple yet powerful questions to help you dive deep into the wants and needs of your ideal clients (it's almost like reading their you can give them exactly what they want and need!)
  • 33 fill-in-the-blank headline formulas to draw readers in and start getting them excited about your solution
  • A swipe file of 101 proven-to-be-irresistible headline samples for 35 niche markets (including everything from health and wellness to business to parenting to relationships and pretty much everything in between!) that you can use as is or customize to meet your unique needs
  • 250+ Power Words to add some excitement to your sales page (and get readers pumped up to buy your products, programs, and services!)

Sounds Great, Tammi…But What’s My Investment?


Before we talk investment, I want to start by saying that just one sales page alone created with the tools and resources here could easily deliver $1000s in product/service sales (as they have for me), so an investment of $499 to earn $2000, $8000, or more (from just ONE promotional campaign) would be a no-brainer, right? :)


Not to mention that if you were to hire a professional copywriter (like me :)) to write your sales page for you, you’d be looking at an invoice upwards of $5,000. And if you tried to do it on your own you could easily waste away thousands of hours trying to find your way (and potentially turning away prospective clients in the process!).


But because I’m serious about getting these templates in the hands of most ANY business owner who’s serious about using email marketing in their business, I’m practically giving this away.


Even though this program is easily worth $1000s of dollars in the potential profits you can receive, you won’t even have to pay the $5,000+ it would cost you individually to access this wealth of knowledge. In fact, you won’t even pay $1,000 big ones.


Nosiree, if you act now you can get in on all the templates, the headline formulas, and the step-by-step instructions you need to create your own money-making sales page for just $49. That’s more than $4,900 off the done-for-you rate! All because I want to make getting the support you need an absolute no-brainer.


No Worries...Your Order is Protected By a 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for 30 days with NO RISK!

If you think that our product not the right fit, simply contact our support team, and we will return 100% of your money. No Questions Asked!

"Yes! I Want Instant Access Now for Just $49!"

I look forward to helping you to quickly write sales pages that fill your business with paying clients!


Tammi Metzler

The Write Associate

support @

PS: If you have any desire to sell a product, program, or service without slaving away in free phone consults 20+ hours per week, this tool can help you get it done. You'll have everything you need to write a super-awesome, knock-their-socks-off sales page that gets your ideal peeps all fired up to invest in your solutions. 

Get started now:

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