Discover How You Too Can Tap Into Your Inner ATM by Turning the Information You Already Know into Passive Streams of Income…to the Tune of $1000s Flowing into Your Bank Account Each Month!

From the desk of:

Tammi Metzler
Chief Wordsmith ~ The Write Associate

Dear Savvy Biz Owner,

Tammi_headshot1If the idea of bringing in $1000 – $3000+ in passive income each month to help cover the bills, fund a cool vacation, build a nest egg or just have some extra spending cash sounds pretty dang awesome, then this could be the most exciting letter you’ve ever read.

Because you’re about to discover a resource that can help you quickly turn the information you already know into an information product that not only delivers passive income into your bank account but also moves paying clients one step closer to your premium products and services if that’s your thang.

The first time is always the sweetest…

I remember it like it was yesterday, even though many years have passed.

It was a hot summer afternoon back in 2009, and I was helping my sister move from an apartment into a new house.

The humidity that afternoon was enough to take your breath away, and my sister had (of course) chosen an apartment on the 3rd floor, with about a gazillion steps leading up (or so it seemed :)). About halfway through the afternoon, we took a break to cool off with some ice water and gulp much-needed A/C.

Out of habit (or compulsion, not sure which), I pulled out my BlackBerry to scan incoming emails. When I saw the notification that I’d sold a copy of my one (and only, at the time) ebook and instantly pocketed $24.50, when I was nowhere near the office, I was over the moon. The fact that my work was already done – and I didn’t need to lift a finger to “earn” that money – felt like heaven on earth, especially for a gal who was, at the time, working 60+ hours per week trading hours for dollars and still barely making ends meet. (Can you relate? It stinks working so hard for peanuts!)

From that moment, I was hooked.

Since that day, I’ve sold 100s of information products, and have built a business that runs almost entirely on passive and leveraged income (in the form of group training programs), as my business does today, 6 years after that first email sales notification.
Selling information products online has given me the freedom to do things like:
Keep my infant son home with me instead of shipping him off to be raised by a stranger 5 days a week (all possible because I can create and market my products while he’s sleeping or playing beside me)
• Work a scant 3-5 hours per day, 4-5 days per week (for a total of 20 hours per week or less)
• Volunteer in my daughter’s 1st-grade classroom several times each month (and get to know her classmates, teacher, and just plain the world she spends so much of her week in)
• Take paid time off for holidays and weekends (cuz my products are still selling, even when I’m off the clock)
• Go on last-minute, cross-country trips with my family (something I never coulda done if I’d had a boss – or even a full calendar of one-on-one clients – to consider)
• Dash off to lunch with friends and family on a whim

Bottom line is that information products have allowed me to truly build a business around my lifestyle.

And while I rarely work with clients one-on-one anymore, I do offer other options for people to work closer with me, typically through in-depth home study programs and group training programs ranging in price from $197-$997.

And I’ve discovered that it’s MUCH easier to sell higher-priced products and programs to buyers than prospects.

I read recently that if someone pulls out their credit card and buys something from you, whether it’s for $1 or $500, they’re about 10x more likely to buy something else, and I’ve found that to be 100% true. When you sell someone a high-quality information product, they’re often much more inclined to invest in other options.

Like your high-ticket group program or even your one-on-one service package.

Because you’ve used your information product to show that you:

• Delivered what you said you would

• Are reliable

• Are experienced

• Know what you’re talking about

Etc. etc.

That is, IF you’ve done a good job with your information product.

IF you position it in a way that delivers real, usable value while subtly letting readers know about other ways to work with you.

IF you can get folks interested enough to buy your information product in the first doggone place.

Not to mention IF you can get the darn thing written in the first place.

Trust me, I know how hard it can be to create an information product from scratch. In fact, this gal makes her living as a writer for pete’s sake and it took me the better part of a year to finally write my first information product.

Because I didn’t know what to write about.

And I didn’t know where to begin. How to end it. How to structure the meat and potatoes of my product. How to choose a rock-star title that would stand out in the sea of other information out there.

Whew! That’s a lot to digest.

No wonder it took me so long to get my first product out in the world! 🙂

And then I cracked the code of quickly creating high-selling information products.

Over the past 6 years, since that first product was finally finalized and published, I’ve created 20 information products.

In just the past 9 months, I’ve created, published, and sold not one, not two, but eight of those information products.

As you can see, that’s an average of about 1 per month. And that’s on top of running my biz, marketing to bring in new folks, taking care of my infant son (and 6-year-old daughter, when she’s home from school :)) and overall working less than 20 hours per week.

And after reflecting on the impact that having such a reliable source of passive income is on my business and my life, it hit me.


Why not publish an information-product-writing, passive-income-earning shortcut to share with the world and let everyone get a piece of the pie?


I decided it was about time to make all of my hours of research, my own trials and errors, along with the top resources I spent $1000s of my own cash uncovering, readily available to others who want to:

• Have more freedom in your business (so you can take more time off…while still getting paid through passive income sales!)

• Stop trading all of your hours for dollars (and open up some of your calendar for doing creative tasks, spending time with loved ones, or however else you dream of spending your days)

• Help even MORE people (not just the ones who can afford your one-on-one or high-end programs)

• Be able to turn the information already floating around that wonderful noggin of yours into income flowing into your bank account

• Shortcut through months or even years of frustration trying to transform that information into in-demand products that sell like hotcakes

• Get your hands on everything you need to quickly write an information product that gets customers excited to say yes to your higher-ticket products and programs (or not…and make publishing an information product that delivers an awesome source of passive income your primary goal!)

• Shave entire weeks, months or even years off your product-writing project

• Save $1000s in professional copywriting fees by getting the tools to write your own best-selling information product

Introducing the Instant Passive Income Product Template: The Entrepreneur’s Fill-in-the-Blanks Template for Writing Information Products That Sell Like Hotcakes! 

Now you can get instant access to a professionally-written information product template and have it customized and published online in a fraction of the time you’d spend writing it from scratch, leaving you with an irresistible product that connects you with paying clients around the world!

Get it done with all the fill-in-the-blanks templates and step-by-step instructions you need to help you put the pieces in place for earning passive income while you eat, sleep, pray, vacation, or do whatever else your heart desires. 🙂

In this training you’ll discover:

• 9 “read their minds” questions that will help you uncover the hot topic that your ideal clients are dying to learn about (and will pay you handsomely to teach them!)

• The ONE thing that can help you create a best-selling product (don’t worry, it’s super simple but most folks miss it entirely…and end up with a product that won’t sell to save their lives)

• How to use your product to not only generate immediate income but also naturally transition readers into your high-end products, programs, and services (without ticking them off in the process…they’ll actually love you for this!)

• The exact number of chapters or modules you should include in your product (get this wrong and risk overwhelming your readers AND kissing any chance of moving them into your other products and services goodbye)

• How to create a simple yet powerful outline that sets the foundation of a product readers can’t wait to get their hands on

• The 4-question formula for turning your outline into high-quality content (these seriously make writing the main body of your product a breeze…just fill in the blanks in the included ebook template and off you go!)

• How to name each module/chapter in a way that gets readers reaching for their wallets (because they get that this is the information they’ve been searching for!)

• 12 “irresistibility components” that can make your product even more enticing to your clients (they take little to no extra time to create but add HUGE value to your readers!)

• 2 steps you must take when choosing a title that will set your product apart and help readers instantly see why they need your product, pronto

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside the
Instant Passive Income Product Template:

• A fill-in-the-blanks template that makes writing your information product a breeze (just plug your info into the provided blanks and you’re good to go!)

• A ready-to-use ebook template that’s pre-formatted so you can customize and publish a professionally-polished passive income product lickety-split

• Step-by-step audio instructions to walk you through customizing the template to make your information product unique to your business and even more irresistible to YOUR ideal clients

• An Action Plan & Get it Done Guide that walks you step-by-step through the process of customizing your sales page template

• 11 fill-in-the-blank title formulas to help your product stand out from the crowd and get folks excited about your solution

• A swipe file of 35 irresistible title samples for 23 niche markets (including everything from health and wellness to business to parenting to relationships and pretty much everything in between!) that you can use as is or customize to meet your unique needs

Sounds Great, Tammi…But What’s My Investment?
Before we talk investment, I want to start by saying that while I can’t (and won’t) promise you certain results (since there are just too many variables to consider), I can say that based on my experience, just one product alone created with the tools and resources here could easily deliver $1000s in passive income (as they have for me). With that in mind, an investment of $499 to earn $2000, $8000, or more (from just ONE promotional campaign) would be a no-brainer, right? 🙂


Not to mention that if you were to hire a professional copywriter (like me :)) to write your product for you, you’d be looking at an invoice upwards of $15,000. And if you tried to do it on your own you could easily waste away thousands of hours trying to find your way (and potentially turning away prospective clients in the process!).


But because I’m serious about getting these templates in the hands of most ANY business owner who’s serious about earning passive income in their business, I’m practically giving this away.


Even though this program is easily worth $1000s of dollars in the potential profits you can receive, you won’t even have to pay the $15,000+ it would cost you individually to access this wealth of knowledge. In fact, you won’t even pay $1,000 big ones.


Nosiree, if you act now you can get in on all the templates, the title formulas, and the step-by-step instructions you need to create your own passive income-earning product for just $39 $29 (limited-time 26% savings!). All because I want to make getting the support you need an absolute no-brainer.

PLUS, get 5 cool bonus goodies worth $435!

On top of your training, when you order now you’ll also get 5 bonus goodies worth $435:

Bonus #1:  4-video training series called How to Quickly Create a Passive Income Product that Delivers a Steady Stream of Paying Clients!” ($199 value)

This content-rich video series reveals:

  • The quickest way to create a passive income product (you’re literally HOURS away from your first passive income product if you use this simple technique!)
  • The secret to getting paid upfront to create your passive income product (start collecting before you write a single word!)
  • How you can use your new passive income product to catapult yourself to expert status and quickly generate interest in your higher level programs and services
  • The best way to market your passive income product (the best part is that it’s completely FREE!)


Bonus #2: Instant Teleseminar Script ($99 value)

If the idea of writing an in-depth ebook leaves you a bit dismayed, and/or speaking is more your thang, use this fill-in-the-blanks teleseminar script template to create a paid teleseminar…and presto, you have an instant product! Doesn’t get much easier than that. 🙂


Bonus #3: Tammi’s Power Resource Guide ($49 value)

Over the past 7 years, I’ve acquired quite a collection of top resources to help you market your business online. Just having this resource toolkit at your disposal can save you hours of time searching for the right tools to help you grow your biz, plus I’ve used (and highly recommend) each resource myself so it’s kind of like having a trusted friend at your side, showing you the best tools to get the job(s) done.


Bonus #4: “60 Minutes to Cha-Ching: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Product Online & Ready to Sell in 60 Minutes or Less” ($49 value)

This simple, 3-part video training series will show you the exact steps to navigating the technical details of selling your produce, from creating a (super simple) sales page, setting up your shopping cart to actually accept payments, and delivering the product into the hands of your waiting customers…all hands-free so once you set it up once, you can sell your product (and collect your payments!) again and again without lifting a finger. It’s a beautiful thing! 🙂


Bonus #5: Launch Your Passive Income Product Like a BOSS! worksheet ($39 value)

Product launches are the foundation of any successful coaching biz, but the act of DOING it can quickly become complicated and overwhelming for newbies and seasoned marketers alike. This bonus goodie breaks down the sales funnel into bite-sized, easy-to-understand pieces that will boost your leads and turn them into customers without any hassle! 

The Step-by-Step Planner Details:

  • Step 1: Understanding the Anatomy of a Product Funnel
    • Exercise: Map Out Your Funnel
  • Step 2: Using Free Offers to Drive Traffic and Build Trust
    • Exercise: 3-Step Process
  • Step 3: Leveraging Other People’s Audiences to Gain Great Exposure for Your Product and Your Biz
    • Exercise: Brainstorm Potential JV Partners
  • Step 4: Creating a Killer Webinar to Build Your List AND Sell Your Product
    • Exercise: Plan Your Webinar
  • Step 5: Building a Profitable Back End to Earn More from Existing Customers
    • Exercise: Plan Your Back End
  • Step 6: Promote, Promote, Promote (‘Nuff Said :))
  • Step 7: Upsells & Downsells: Help Customers Even More with Relevant Offers
    • Exercise: Plan Your Upsells & Downsells
  • Step 8: Rinse and Repeat (a.k.a. Launch MORE Products to Hepl MORE People & Earn MORE Money :))

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* Note: by ordering today, you will also receive a complimentary subscription to our award-winning bi-weekly newsletter, which shares more tips on becoming a copywriting and marketing superstar. You can unsubscribe at any time (but we hope you’ll stick around! :)).

I look forward to helping you to quickly write an information product that fill your business with paying clients and passive income!

Tammi Metzler

The Write Associate

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PS: If you have any desire to earn passive income while also making it easy for folks to say yes to your high-ticket products, programs, and services without the sleaze factor, this tool can help you get it done. You’ll have everything you need to write a super-awesome, knock-their-socks-off information product that sells like hotcakes.

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* Note: by ordering today, you will also receive a complimentary subscription to our award-winning bi-weekly newsletter, which shares more tips on becoming a copywriting and marketing superstar. You can unsubscribe at any time (but we hope you’ll stick around! :)).