Who Else Wants to STOP Chasing Every New & Shiny Marketing Method Under the Sun and Spend WAY More Time on the Activities in Your Biz You Love While at the Same Time Reaching Gobs More of Your Ideal Clients?   

Helloooo, Fellow Marketer!

Have you ever looked at the endless list of marketing tasks you should be doing to expand your reach and get more clients and thought....'There's no frickin' way I can DO all of that without holing up in my office day and night?'

I feel your pain. For years I tried to do it all myself. Publishing videos. SEOing the heck outta my website. Writing articles like they were going outta style. 

But you know, there are only so many hours in the day, and alas, many of those items went unchecked off my to-do list.

Because I was busy doing the things I love in my business. Like creating new products to help my clients solve their copywriting challenges. And working one-on-one with a select group of awesome biz owners. But as much as I enjoy those tasks, they're fairly pointless without clients to buy the products and work with me one-on-one.  

And then I realized that there was a way to do the creative work I love and still attract gobs of ideal clients...without holing up in my office for hour upon hour each week trying to figure out the latest marketing technique.

Doesn't that sound delightful?

It's kinda like having your cake and eating it too. :)

You get to spend your time being creative and helpful and however else you prefer while new clients arrive at your virtual doorstep.


It all comes down to one thing:

Surrounding yourself with a team of people who eagerly send new clients your way around the clock, while you work on the stuff you love most, or enjoy time with your loved ones, or catch some zzz's.

People who love what you do and happily spread the word to their communities.

People who are really great at marketing.

People who know SEO/video marketing/Facebook ads like the back of their hands. And know how to make them work to attract leads and clients.

People who would happily spend their entire days shooting videos or tinkering with LinkedIn while you happily spend your days creating and serving.

It's a match made in heaven.

I know, I can almost hear your skepticism...

Right about now you're probably thinking this sounds too good to be true.

Or maybe something along the lines of, "That would be awesome, Tammi, but I'm not Donald Trump over here. I can't afford to hire a whole team of salespeople!" 

Ah, and that's the beauty of this arrangement.

It doesn't take a dime of upfront costs to get this profit machine rolling.

You pay your virtual sales team not out of pocket, but out of profits.

In other words: you hand out payments to your sales folks if and ONLY if they send a client your way.

Here's how it works: you get paid by the new client, and you return a portion of that payment to the person who referred them.

It's called affiliate marketing (or sometimes referred to as Joint Venture partnerships), and it's perfect for folks like you and me who love what we do, and who might even enjoy marketing, but who just don't have the time to be all places at once. 

People like us who adore the idea of other folks doing the things they love (like video marketing, article marketing, SEO, etc.) in a total win-win-win situation.

Yes, I said win-win-win because we ALL win. We as the product/service creators get new clients and sales, our affiliates earn commissions and gratitude from their community for their work in sharing helpful resources, and the customers get to benefit from these resources they wouldn't have known about otherwise.


Affiliate/JV marketing is awesome in so many ways, but especially because:

  • It's like having an army of salespeople working to spread the word about your biz 24/7.
  • You can essentially multiply your own efforts (cuz you do the work once to create the promo materials and then dozens, 100s, even 1000s of other people use those tools to bring YOU clients!).
  • Unlike traditional advertising, which can come with a hefty price tag no matter the response rate, with affiliate marketing you only pay for results received. Since affiliates work on commission, they get paid when someone they send your way buys your products/programs. Which means not only are they working harder to increase conversions but there's virtually NO risk to you, since you don't pay them unless they client pays YOU. Doesn't get much better than that.
  • While your affiliates are out there bringing you new clients, you get to focus your time on whatever it is that you love most about your business, whether that's creating more products or programs, writing that book that's been in your head for ages, working with the clients you adore, or whatever else that might look like for you.


I personally have added 1000s of leads to my newsletter list and sold $1000s worth of products, all clients and sales that wouldn't have happened without the help of my much-appreciated promotional partners.

BUT...and this is a BIG but...

Your promo partners are busy people. They're often running their own businesses or promoting other products. So if you want affiliate marketing to work for you, you have to tell them EXACTLY how to promote your goods.

Hand them promotional emails that can be copied and pasted into their email provider. 

Tell them word-for-word what to type into their social media accounts to get their networks all fired up to buy your stuff.

Trust me: they don't have the time or, often, the desire, to write promotional copy. And even if they did, they don't know your product/service like you do and likely can't do it justice.

And if you're thinking that YOU don't have the time, desire, or know-how to write awesome promotional materials that get other peoples' communities rushing to sign up for your products and services, then you're in luck. 

Because I dissected some of my most effective affiliate/JV promotions and turned them into fill-in-the-blanks templates that you can use to get your promo partners AND their communities rushing to jump on your team.

Hurray! :)

Introducing Instant Affiliate/JV Promos: The Entrepreneur's Complete Set of Fill-in-the-Blanks Templates for Writing Word-Spreading Affiliate Promotions!  

Now you can get instant access to professionally-written affiliate promos and have them customized and on the way to your affiliates in mere moments, fueling your affiliate army with everything they need to draw more clients into your world.

PLUS get insider info on how to build your affiliate army, even if you're just starting out.

Get it done with all the copy-and-paste templates and step-by-step examples you need to help you put the pieces in place. 

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
Instant Affiliate/JV Promos:

  • A fill-in-the-blanks template that makes writing 3 affiliate/JV promotional emails a breeze (just plug your info into the provided blanks and you're good to go!). 
  • Fill-in-the-blanks social media updates so your partners can tap into their vast reach on Facebook, Twitter, and other networking sites.
  • The exact timeframe to send each promotion, laid out for you AND your promo partners so there's no confusion (hint: the more specific you are, the more likely your affiliates are to use your promos and send folks your way; this template does all the work for you!).
  • Step-by-step audio instructions to walk you through customizing the template to make your promos unique to your business and even more irresistible to YOUR ideal clients.
  • A swipe file of samples to help you see great copy in action, help spark fresh ideas for your own copy, and further shortcut your writing time. 
  • A cheat sheet of the Top 4 Traits of an Ideal Affiliate, so you can watch for any red flags and avoid any potential affiliate marketing disasters (trust me, they do exist!).
  • My 33 Little-Known Places to Find Affiliates Guide to help you build your affiliate army (perfect whether you're brand-new to business or an old pro eager to expand your reach)


“Okay, Tammi, I’m Ready to Write My Affiliate Promos Lightning Fast! What’s My Investment?”


Ah, yes. The question of the day. :)


Before we talk investment, I want to start by saying that while I can't (and won't) promise you certain results (since there are just too many variables to consider), I can say that based on my experience, just one affiliate promotion alone created with the tools and resources here could easily deliver 100s of new leads and $1000s in sales (as they have for me). With that in mind, an investment of $499 to earn $2000, $8000, or more (from just ONE promotional campaign) would be a no-brainer, right? :)


Not to mention that if you were to hire a professional copywriter (like me :)) to write your product for you, you’d be looking at an invoice upwards of $5,000. And if you tried to do it on your own you could easily waste away thousands of hours trying to find your way (and potentially turning away prospective clients in the process!).


But because I’m serious about getting these templates in the hands of most ANY business owner who’s serious about earning passive income in their business, I’m practically giving this away.


Even though this program is easily worth $1000s of dollars in the potential profits you can receive, you won’t even have to pay the $15,000+ it would cost you individually to access this wealth of knowledge. In fact, you won’t even pay $1,000 big ones.


Nosiree, if you act now you can get in on all the templates, the title formulas, and the step-by-step instructions you need to create your own passive income-earning product for just $99. 

All because I want to make getting the support you need an absolute no-brainer.

Get Instant Access for Just $99:

No Worries...Your Order is Protected By a 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for 30 days with NO RISK!

If you think that our product not the right fit, simply contact our support team, and we will return 100% of your money. No Questions Asked!

Get started now:

I look forward to helping you to quickly write affiliate promos that help you greatly expand your reach!

Tammi Metzler

The Write Associate

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