How to Write Irresistible Subject Lines that Get Your Emails Opened

All too often, people spend the majority of their time researching and writing their newsletter articles and promotional emails, then end up throwing together the subject line as an afterthought. While it’s okay (and recommended, even) to create your subject line after writing the email, be sure to place careful consideration on the subject line you’re using. You want to choose a subject line that convinces people to read your email; after all, even the most persuasive email in the world will gather dust if the subject line isn’t compelling enough people to open the email and read your message.

In this article, we’ll talk about two of my top five “types” of subject lines that are more likely to attract interest and compel readers to take notice of your email, and then I’ll share how you can learn the other three in an upcoming free teleseminar.
Compelling Subject Line Type 1: The List
Designed to pique your interest, the List subject line is structured as a list of desirable tips or techniques. (Desirable as in tips or techniques your readers want to learn.) Keep in mind that you also want to make sure you’re using “hot” words that are going to grab attention, like “free,” “secret,” etc.

Some examples of List subject lines might be:

“Inside: 5 Ways to Keep Your Job in Today’s Layoff-Friendly Economy”

“Open Now to Learn 10 Signs That Your Marriage is in Trouble”

“3 Things You Should Know Before Serving Your Family’s Next Meal”
All of the subject lines above indicate to readers that there are things they don’t know that could potentially be sabotaging their jobs, marriage, and family’s health, respectively. These subject lines promise to give answers once readers open the email (and the body of the email should provide the info promised, or you’ll gain a reputation of using misleading subject lines and could lose credibility AND readers). If readers like the info you have to offer, they’ll be more likely to check out your other articles or visit your website to learn more about you.
Compelling Subject Line Type 2: The How-to
How-to subject lines let readers know that you’re going to show them exactly how to do something, in a step-by-step manner. These are great for catching the attention of folks who are looking for ways to solve their problems…and are therefore prime candidates for your products and services.

Examples of How-to subject lines are:

“How to Double Your Income This Year”

“How to Get More Done in Less Time”

“How to Publish an E-zine that Gets You More Clients”

Note: Even if your email itself won’t tell them how to do such-and-such, if your email is promoting a new program, report, service package, or something else that walks them through getting something done, how-to subject lines are a great choice for grabbing attention.

To avoid wasting your email marketing efforts, be sure to take the time to craft a subject line that gets your email opened and read.   Because the more people who are out there reading your emails, the greater your chances of connecting with those who want and need your help.
What’s next?
For the other three hot subject line formulas, plus lots more in-depth tips on how to get your emails read so you can connect with more of the prospective clients on your list, be sure to sign up for next week’s free teleseminar, “Secrets of Attention-Getting Emails: How to Write Email Subject Lines that Get Your Emails Noticed – and Read!” Click here to register now.



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