How to Use Your Web Copy to Become Irresistible to Potential Clients

Quite possibly the greatest “secret” when it comes to client attraction, and particularly client-attracting websites, is that you have to give your target market what they want and need. I can almost see you rolling your eyes at the simplicity of this statement, but it goes much deeper than most solopreneurs think. You have to hone in on potential clients’ deepest desires and then serve the solution (your products and services, of course) to them on a silver platter.

The key here is to know the difference between features and benefits and how to blend the two to get outstanding responses.

You may be offering business coaching or virtual assistant services to small business owners, but that’s just the method of delivery. What you’re really offering (and what your clients really care about) is business growth (in the case of business coaching) or more time (if you’re a virtual assistant).

But you have to dig even deeper. Don’t just say, “I can save you lots of time,” which is an abstract concept. How much time can you save them? Give examples, if at all possible. Talk to your current or past clients and ask them if they would mind sharing their experience of working with you. (If you did a good job, they won’t mind – and plus, you can offer them free publicity by publishing their comments as a testimonial on your website.) Find out what problems you solved, what they were able to accomplish in the time they gained by outsourcing some of their projects to you. Were they able to focus on billable work? Getting more clients? Try to get as many specifics as possible. Then ask if you can use their comments on your website, and if they agree, get as much mileage out of their feedback as possible. Draft a formal testimonial for your testimonials page (if you have one), but then take bits and pieces and thread it into your web copy.

For example, if you have a bullet list of the benefits you offer to clients, and one of them is saving clients time, add a sentence or two about how you saved client Jane Doe 10 hours of time each week, which she was able to use to get more clients and more than double her income – which paid for your services and then some. Or maybe you’ll even discover that the key benefit here isn’t the time savings as much as it is the increase in income. You’ve got to discover what is most important to your target market, and then use specific examples to show them how you can give them the results they most need and want.

If you can show prospective clients that working with you is an investment that will help them achieve their desired results, rather than an expense that will eat into their income each month, you will become irresistible to prospective clients.

If you’re new in business or just haven’t quite figured out who you should be serving is or what you have to offer them, your first step should be to discover your niche…or your unique combination of your target market and the problem that you will help them solve. To discover your niche and also learn how to use that powerful information to create a client-attracting website, register for my f.ree upcoming webinar, co-hosted by yours truly and two other client-attracting experts, Cindy Schulson and Darlene Victoria Gonzalez. Visit to learn more and reserve your spot today!


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