How to End the Vicious Cycle of Feast or Famine in Your Biz

Have you ever found yourself marketing like crazy to bring in a few new clients, and then getting so busy with client work that your own marketing falls by the wayside? Until, of course, your clients finish their contracts and leave, and then you scramble to start all over again, marketing and serving, marketing and serving. It’s a vicious cycle of feast or famine, and one with peaks that may soar high but then valleys that dip so low that you may find yourself left in a panic over where your next client is coming from.  It’s like the roller coaster ride that might be exhilarating at first but then, after a while, leaves you feeling sick to your stomach and dreading every moment.

That’s no way to live!

Yet I see it all the time; we as entrepreneurs feel so called to help others that we put our clients first above our own business. And while clients are definitely important, don’t get me wrong, there’s a fine line between doing your duty to your clients and taking on so much that you flat-out neglect your own needs (which are important too!).

Thankfully, the problem is easy to diagnose (and, you’ll be happy to hear, comes with a simple solution too): you don’t have a straightforward marketing system in place that runs practically on autopilot, month after month, so you’re constantly trying to reinvent the wheel (been there, done that!) and you end up exhausted, overwhelmed, and getting nowhere fast. You might even be tempted to throw in the towel because it’s just so hard to keep at it month after month; after all, marketing isn’t your thing. It isn’t what you love to do – in fact, some days you’d rather schedule a root canal than try to come up with fresh content for your blog again.

And even those of us who do earn our living as marketers sometimes get stuck in the proverbial hamster wheel (it’s like the shoemaker’s kids never having shoes of their own to wear :)).

Now, on to that solution I mentioned earlier.

It all comes down to having a simple marketing plan that you plug in once and repeat over and over again (focus on the word simple – it doesn’t have to be complicated to get results!). Here are the first three steps to creating a marketing plan that you can use time and time again to consistently attract clients:

1)      Design your winning business idea. Of course, it all starts with having a solid foundation for your business, in the form of products and services that your ideal clients will be eager to buy and willing to pay for.

2)      Engage your market with client-attracting messaging. Once you know what you’re promoting, the next step is to create the marketing message that will stop your ideal clients dead in their tracks and compel them to listen – and respond.

3)      Generate profits with a clear income acceleration plan. This is the part where you put a clear, achievable marketing plan in place – something that you know you can commit to month after month, and that will run smoothly to help you consistently attract clients to you.

As I said, these are just the first three steps – there are more, and if you want to find out what they are (plus get some juicy details on these three steps :)), I invite you to join me on a free webinar next week called “Your Business Success Formula: 6 Essential Steps to Take Your Marketing From Scattered, Overwhelmed, and Potentially Disastrous to Coolheaded, Plan-Having, Results-Getting Machine!” You can reserve your spot at Hope to “see” you there!


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