How to Develop a 3-Step Profit Blueprint for Your Website

If your goal is to use your website to grow your business, you can’t just throw up any old website and expect your online marketing efforts to be a slam dunk. There’s actually a specific process you need website visitors to go through to transition from passive readers to interested prospects and, finally, to paying clients. You want your ideal clients first to do X and then see Y and then they get introduced to Z.

I call this the three-step profit plan, and in a nutshell it goes like this:

1. Free taste: You want website visitors to download your freebie – in the form of a report, video, CD, etc. – so they can join your newsletter list.
2. Entry-level offer: Now this can be a few different things. Typically what is considered an entry level offer is some kind of a low cost product or possibly a service. But typically it‘s some kind of an entry level e-book is pretty common, maybe an e-course, something like that something that you‘ve put together and that you can sell at a relatively inexpensive cost.
3. One-on-one or premium solutions: The third step in the three-step profit plan is moving into your higher level services, those services that require a deeper level of commitment from your clients. This third step could encompass a few different levels so you may have within this third step the first level may be group programs that you offer and because it‘s a group program where multiple might be involved you can offer it at a lesser rate than if you are just offering your one on one time to people. So you may have that as your first step in your higher level service offerings. And then when you move up from there the next step might be working with you one on one. Maybe you have some kind of a mastermind coaching program. Or if you are a counselor and you work with people one on one that‘s where this is going to be your most expensive offering, is your one on one time.

Now, all of this can happen right within your website, by offering visitors a free gift on your home page, then directing them to a thank-you page that promotes a related entry-level offer, which leads people into your one-on-one solutions. Alternatively, you can use your website to initiate the process, sort of as a starting point for building client relationships.

So here’s how those three steps might look in action:

A prospective client visits your website.

Step 1: She downloads your freebie and joins your newsletter list., essentially raising her hand as a person who is interested in your products and services.
Step 2: After she downloads your freebie, she sees an invitation to schedule a free consultation to see if she’d be a good fit as a private client, or an offer to purchase an entry-level ebook that introduces her to your solutions.
Step 3: After speaking to you in the consult or reading your ebook, she feels confident that you’re exactly the person to help her resolve her problems and/or reach her goals, so she signs on as a private client.

Whatever the case, your website can – and should – be used as a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox.

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