How to Create a Newsletter List Full of Hot Prospects

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You may already know that the best way for service professionals to find success is to build a community of prospects that you can market your products and services to on an ongoing basis…and even on a shoestring budget, if needed. You already know that most website visitors aren’t going to hire you on the first visit to their website (unless, of course, they’ve been referred by a friend and already know what they want). But you may have no idea how on earth to put together a marketing funnel that will attract your ideal clients (and ONLY your ideal clients!) who are truly interested in learning more about what you have to offer.

Here’s an overview of the 5 steps you can take to fill your marketing funnel with hot prospects:

1. Discover what your target market is struggling with. Once you uncover the overwhelming problems that are keeping your prospects awake at night, you can tailor your marketing messages to speak directly to their needs.

2. Create a solid foundation for your funnel. Your website should serve as a strong foundation that will essentially hold your funnel together. All the marketing in the world will do nothing for you if interested readers who click back to your website aren’t guided into your marketing funnel so you can follow up with them.

3. Create a follow-up system. If your website is the foundation for your marketing system, your follow-up system is the actual funnel that collects contact information from people who want to hear more from you. The follow-up system typically consists of an autoresponder program and an email marketing plan that lets you actually follow up with potential clients…hundreds or thousands at a time, all with one or two emails a month. It’s one of the most inexpensive yet effective marketing methods out there!

4. Create an irresistible free giveaway that will draw hot prospects to your newsletter follow-up list. You see it all over the place: free reports, MP3 audio downloads, etc. that you can get instantly just by entering your name and email address in the sign-up form. It may sound way too basic and simple to be effective, but it WORKS.

5. Create a back-end system. Whenever a prospect requests a product that you give away or sell online, send them to a second page that offers something else. Preferably, it will be a step up in price (like a $17 in-depth e-book that’s offered to people who request your free report), but you could also offer something else for free (like a free consultation with you) or a coupon for a percentage off one of your products or service packages.

Once your marketing funnel is in place, you can start driving traffic to your website with article marketing, press releases, search engine optimization, and other internet marketing methods.

There you have it: five of the shockingly simple steps to building a community of hot prospects. To discover the last four (plus more info on these five :)), please visit and reserve your space in my upcoming teleseminar, “9 Proven Steps to a Profitable Newsletter List.”


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