How to Attract a Steady Stream of Targeted Website Traffic in 30 Minutes or Less

There are tons of methods out there to get traffic to your website, some of which are more effective than others. And while methods like Search Engine Optimization and Article Marketing are worth looking into, they don’t always drive targeted traffic in the form of your ideal clients. If your expertise lies in working with attorneys, for example, you won’t benefit much from casting your marketing net out wide and attracting a mix of visitors who are real estate agents, plumbers, network marketers, retail store owners, etc.

Because what you really want is your ideal clients coming to your website, eager to learn more about the solutions you have to offer. After all, having 100, 500, or even 1,000 visitors to your website doesn’t mean much if the people visiting end up leaving your site because they just aren’t a good fit for your products and services.

Quality Vs. Quantity

In the case of website visitors, quality is certainly better than quantity (although a good mix of quality AND quantity doesn’t hurt)!  You want to reach out to those people that you are uniquely meant to serve, the people who are struggling with the problems that you can solve for them.

And the best way to drive targeted traffic to your website is to rub elbows with your ideal clients.

But how do you do that? By getting out there and networking, that’s how! Now, before you become overwhelmed with fear at the thought of schlepping from networking event to networking event, let’s talk about a few simple ways that you can rub elbows with your ideal clients…in 30 minutes or less.

2 Ways to Drive a Steady Stream of Ideal Clients to Your Website in 30 Minutes or Less

1)      Find an active online networking forum that is dedicated to your target market, and visit at least once per day, for 30 minutes or less. If you target attorneys as in the example above, browse a search engine for “attorney networking forums” or “attorney message boards.” Join the group and watch the conversations for a while to get a good feel for the tone of the group (ie. formal, informal), and then, when someone asks a question that falls into your area of expertise, chime in with some helpful tips. Be sure to include a link to your website in the signature line that is provided with most forum memberships, and over time you will start to see more and more targeted traffic coming to your website.

2)      Devote 30 minutes per day to social networking. You can spend your time searching for new connections, reaching out to your current friends/followers, or educating your community on the solutions you have to offer (by providing links to your blog posts, articles, etc.). It’s important to have a nice mix of actual conversations and promotions, though, or you won’t see much in terms of results. The key here is to gain exposure and just let people know that you’re there, ready to connect. Be sure to include a link back to your website on your Facebook page or Twitter profile, and if you have a free giveaway, promote it there as well to give people a good reason to visit.

The best part is that both of these forms of networking can be a lot of fun…because you’re essentially just getting out there and chatting with people. Keep it casual, coming from a place of helpfulness and letting your personality shine through, and you’ll soon find a steady stream of traffic coming to your website to learn more about how they can work with you.

Once You Have a Steady Stream of Targeted Traffic, What Do You Do With Them?

Of course, all that targeted traffic won’t do you much good if you don’t have a website that will communicate your message and guide visitors toward the solutions that you have to offer. It all starts with compelling website copy that tells readers how you can help them solve their most pressing problems; an opt-in page to invite readers to join your newsletter list, complete with an irresistible free giveaway to engage their interest; and a solid email marketing campaign to follow up with those website visitors who have expressed an interest in what you have to offer. Once you have those three key pieces in place, you will be able to form strong connections with your website visitors, oftentimes leading to working relationships with your ideal clients. And you can now take advantage of an affordable group consulting program called the “90-Day Fast Track to Clients” that reveals the step-by-step formula to help you begin converting more of your website visitors from passive readers to hot prospects to, ultimately, paying clients. Visit to learn more and register now.

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