How to Get Other People to Promote Your Products, Programs & Services

So, you want other folks to promote your products, programs, and services?How to Get Other People  to Promote You Final

Can’t say that I blame you.

Tapping into the reach of other industry leaders is a fast, rinse-and-repeat way to grow your business. (You’ll see what I mean at the end of this article.)

But how on earth do you get other people to promote you?

Where do you even start?

Well, it goes without saying that you’ve got to have high-quality products, programs, and services worth promoting. (I know you already do. It just had to be said. :))

There are 3 Steps to Getting Other People to Promote Your Products, Programs, and Services:

1) Find the right people. First things first, you’ve got to find people who might be ideal candidates for promoting your goods. Who might those people be? In essence, they’re the folks who are already talking to your ideal peeps. They might be leaders in your niche. They might be colleagues you’ve done business with in the past. They definitely will be professionals who complement what you do but don’t do exactly what you do. (So, if you’re a VA who specializes in Infusionsoft set-up/maintenance, you wouldn’t want to go to another VA who specializes in Infusionsoft set-up/maintenance and ask him/her to promote your products and services. That would be a big no.)

(PS: Want a list of 33 places to find potential affiliates/JV partners? Get it here.)

2) Give before you get. Too many folks make the mistake of placing the emphasis on themselves when approaching potential promotional partners. They talk about what they want, what their goals are. Flip things around by placing the emphasis on your promotional partner. First things first, offer to promote them. Ask what you can do to help send clients their way. Even if you don’t have a large community (yet), they’ll appreciate the gesture. And they’ll often offer to reciprocate.

At which point you get to start talking about your products, programs, and services. And when you do get to that point, you still want to keep the emphasis on your partner. Which means that instead of talking about how you hope to get 100 new clients or make $100,000. Talk about what’s in it for your promo partner. Like how much your products/services will help their community (and how grateful they’ll be to your partner for sharing this resource). Talk about the commissions, and how much they stand to earn from their work with you. (But note that to many business owners who are already successful, the money is typically not a main motivator. Something worth noting, yes, but it will often take a backseat to my first point about being helpful to their community.) Find out what’s important to them and see how you can help fill that need.

3) Make promoting you a no-brainer for them. Once a partner says yes to promoting you, there’s one more step that needs to be done. You need to provide that partner with everything they need to spread the word. Don’t expect them to write a promo email (or the recommended 3 for best response rate) or whip up (at least) a dozen witty social media updates. They’re way too busy running their own businesses to put a bunch of time and effort into promoting yours. You need to make promoting your biz so copy-and-paste simple that it’s practically impossible for them to say no. (Because let’s face it: there’s no easier money to be made – that I know of, at least – than copying an email, pressing send, and then cashing the commission checks that come in. Am I right?) So. Provide them with the ready-to-publish promo emails. Give them copy-and-paste social media updates. Add in a suggested timeline of exactly when to send the emails so there’s absolutely no guesswork on their part and you’ve really got it made. 🙂 The less work they have to do to promote you, the more eager they’ll be to spread the word.

Bonus Tip (a.k.a. How to Rinse and Repeat your way to success): Once you create the promo materials once, you can use them over and over and over again with different promo partners, and keep a steady stream of new leads and clients flowing into your business with very little additional work. What a beautiful thing!

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